How to tell Marty Rathbun is a Suppressive Person

“Oddly enough, one of the best ways to detect a Suppressive Person is that he or she stamps on up statistics and condones or rewards down statistics. It makes an SP very happy for everyone to starve to death, for the good worker to be shattered and the bad worker to be patted on the back.” – LRH

Unable to counter the Church’s real up statistics and expansion (see Why Marty Rathbun is screaming and howling) Rathbun is once again using someone else to front for him. This time, Marty Rathbun is trying to cover his own dismal record of “production” and abysmal lack of any statistics that would reflect it. And once again, it’s pure diversion.

Marty Rathbun introduced one of his sources, Nanook, who claims to coordinate an impressive network of prominent, smart people. Presumably Nanook keeps the statistic “number of stuff coordinated.” Nanook passed on to Rathbun a whining tantrum (written by a mystery man, not that that is a generality) about the Church not revealing ALL of the internal management statistics broadly so that the “group can discuss why they went down and what can be done to make the stats go up again.”

That’s right. The “group” consisting of declared suppressives and other squirrels who have been spinning unproductively in “the Marty Rathbun’s circus” and sniping at those who actually PRODUCE the stats. Yes, the group whose asserted goal is the destruction of Scientologists.

In a flash of inspired “simple logic” (squirrel logic) Nanook decided that the fact the Church doesn’t invite the rest of the world to manage it by way of its statistics must mean there is “something to hide.”

Of course Nanook not only hides his own identity, but what HE produces. Marty Rathbun covers part of that hole by assuring his audience that the Nanook is “a reliable source”. And we all know we can take Rathbun’s word for it, right?

But I’ll give these people the benefit of the doubt and consider that maybe they are promoting that members of the Church in good standing should be able to see all management statistics and help to make them go up.

Well, since apparently neither Marty Rathbun nor Nanook (nor their under-the-radar mystery management source) have figured this out yet, I feel at this point it’s my duty to inform them:

You are NO LONGER part of that group.

You don’t get to sit around looking at management statistics and “discuss what can be done” about them.

You can only sit on the sidelines attempting to destroy that group just as you have been for years now.

I’d like to suggest a starting point for Marty and his Northwest lackey.

Start with, “Find out that you are”.

Then work on, “Find out who you really are”.

Perhaps then you can begin with Step A.