How to Tell Marty Rathbun is Suppressive

Is that a trick question? No.

With Marty Rathbun’s daily barrage of self-serving promotion of the absurd proposition that he’s a “Scientologist” and trying to do “good work,” one has to routinely point out that he is just a Suppressive Person, and how you can tell.

So, how can you tell Marty Rathbun is a Suppressive?

He commits Suppressive Acts. Daily.

How can you tell his close associates are Suppressives? They commit Suppressive Acts. Continually.

The rest is pretense. The clever-sounding subterfuges of Rathbun hangers-on and associates about how they revere the Tech of Scientology, respect and honor LRH, want to practice Scientology “independently” (read: off the Bridge taking as many people as possible with them,) only want to “save” the Church, etc., etc. are just that – clever-sounding subterfuges. In fact, in most cases, they aren’t very clever-sounding at all, just clumsy mis-applications of positioning tech intended to draw people away from Scientology and into their little go-nowhere squirrel world. Even other SPs and squirrels laugh at the absurdity of such bogus posturing.

You’ll even see a few starting websites labeling Scientology a “cult.” Not exactly a constructive act, much less the action of a “Scientologist” wanting to practice “real Scientology.” (I’d love to see them try to explain that one to LRH himself, and try to convince him they are “real Scientologists.”)

That’s not just a slip, that’s intentional “marketing,” or at least a slimy, covert perversion of marketing. They know full well their own effort to position Scientology itself that way, not just “the Church.” This is the naked, destructive intent of their actions and words.

If you ever find Rathbun, Rinder, Hall, etc., the slightest bit convincing, remember what LRH said in Psychosis, More About:
“A true psychotic can be brilliant or stupid, competent or incompetent It is his general motive or  purpose that determines whether or not he is insane or sane.”

The next time you hear Rathbun or one of his stooges pontificating about all their qualifications, past stats or training and auditing done, take a good look at what they are doing now. Committing Suppressive Acts almost faster than one can count. Look at how and when they “departed” the Church (blew.) You’ll see that the “good old days” they pine for were the days when they could hide inside the Church, like Rathbun, and be as covertly destructive as possible. When it became clear the Church was going to expand no matter how they tried to subvert it, they couldn’t bear it and blew. We almost euphemize them now by calling them mere “apostates.”

And it drives them crazy that the Church is expanding, and the numbers of new people introduced to Scientology are higher now than ever before, particularly since Rathbun and his friends removed themselves.

They were and remain barriers to people getting the gains of Scientology, and, unable to mend their covert ways, even now covertly promote themselves as the opposite of what they are.

But you can know Rathbun (and his damaged friends) with certainty by the results of their activities.

“The test of a personality, then, is whether the result of a person’s activity is destructive or constructive.”
Psychosis, More About

There’s nothing subtle about the actions of Marty Rathbun and his apostate associates. There is absolutely nothing constructive in allying themselves with and actively supporting some of the most egregious Scientology and LRH-haters we’ve ever seen – Ursula Caberta, Mark Bunker, Tony Ortega.

No sane individual would even dare to pretend he’s a Scientologist and support those people whose avowed purpose (and observable track record) is a continuous effort at the complete destruction of our religion.

You’ll look long and hard to find something constructive Rathbun was involved with. Yet there’s almost nothing easier than spotting the Suppressive Acts he commits.

If you have clean hands and even a modest ability to actually confront.