I can see it coming

I just can’t keep up with Marty pontifications. He has an obsession of being the most omni-person on Earth – omnificent, omnipresent, omniscience, omnipotent, omni ad infinitum.

Marty always blames ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that goes wrong in his life on the church.

It seems that Anonymous is pranking Marty so Marty blames it on the church.

Marty gets drunk and arrested down in New Orleans on his honeymoon and so he blames it on the church, who of course spiked his drinks and called the cops.

Marty doesn’t get it. There’s people who just don’t like him – be they Scientologists, non-Scientologists, Anonymous or non-Anonymous. Marty’s got a bad attitude, a thug attitude, a bully attitude, a megalomaniac attitude. Who likes someone blames everything on everyone else. So Marty – he blames it on the church.

I can see it coming – his shack is in a hurricane frequency zone and when the next hurricane hits his shack – you got it, he’ll blame it on the church.