I know you

This is a piece I wrote shortly after someone that I once called a friend publicly denounced Scientology.  I wrote it for myself as I had a need to communicate my thoughts.

I support what Minerva is doing on this site and we agreed that this would be an appropriate venue for the story.



Dear KrO3,

I know you.  You are the one who defected from faction to faction feeding on the available tidbits to satiate your own needs.  You are the one who decamped from one side to the other, never having your own convictions; merely parasitic to those that fought for their own principles.  At least I can admire my enemies for their convictions; I cannot admire you as your passion is usurped from those you have infiltrated.

I have fought this battle for eons.  I have signed on for the same commission lifetime after lifetime.  Sometimes laying down my life for my beliefs, other times coming more or less naturally to the end of my usefulness in that incarnation.  What is always the same is the side I choose.  Even after all this time I find it sadly amusing that while the campaigns are waged openly, most are oblivious to both the victories and the carnage, both equally spectacular.

I know you.  I once counted you amongst my friends, offering good will and a place amongst the rest of us.  You sheltered in the haven until you found a better offer, and then another better offer, and then another until you ultimately betrayed those who would have truly stood next to you in any battle, any circumstance.

We are not perfect.  Nor is any group.  There have surely been instances where matters have not been handled well, if not flubbed all together.  I am sure that it lessened the resolve of some who might have felt, even rightfully so, that they were betrayed.  It is interesting that even those people, in the face of your duplicity, have stepped up and strengthened their determination once again.  In this, I supposed that I should be grateful for your betrayal for they have realized that the ranks must be closed once again and fortified.  I can’t even begin to imagine how you think you were betrayed.

I know you.  You think that you have weakened us and affected a blow.  You were never that important to us.  We never gave you the influence that you delusionally think that you have.  You have never possessed the tools, the weapons or fortitude with which to inflict any great harm.

You think that those who you have associated with are the ones with the real power, the real truth.  When you find yourself sick and weakened and starving, I am certain that you will come crawling back asking us to make you whole again.

I know you.  I know that you are basking in the glory of infamy.  I know that you flaunt your turncoat status like a badge of honor.  Where is the honor in being a traitor to a good cause?  Where is the honor in wounding (even superficially as you have done) one who would have defended you?  Where is the honor in stealing?

Don’t flatter yourself by thinking that we are left confused or lessened because of your betrayal.  Frankly, it is a relief to know whose side you are supporting these days.  It is one of the few things that you ever did openly and with some degree of truth.  I appreciate knowing the battle lines.  They are not always clearly drawn but they seem to be getting sharper these days as our numbers are reinforced and those that see truth for what it is join in the battle.

I know you.  You think that I feel personally betrayed by you.  You snicker to think of the shock you created.  I won’t lie; I was shocked.  I was astonished by the apparently bottomless stupidity.  I expected you to be the weak link, I did not expect you to join the enemy.

The truth is that I stopped trusting you long ago.  I thought that you would eventually come to the truth on your own and in your own time as each of us had before you.  In the interim, I had no cause to trust you and only gave you the courtesy of not exiling you.

I know you.  You have made your “declaration”.

And I have made mine:  I know you.

Merely Signed,