I Want My Real Friends Back – Sig Interviews

This part of the Sig interviews covers why it was that she decided to leave the squirrels and work on getting herself back into good standing.

Although there were many factors at play in that decision, in this part of the interview she discussed the whole “friendship” issue.

Friends is an interesting subject – In the doubt formula one “befriends the group that progresses towards the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.  . .”   And in Liability, the first thing one does is decide who are one’s friends.

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Joe:  Well maybe you can tell me why you have decided to join us in opposing Marty.

Sig:  Yeah.  That’s easy, even though there were many factors that came together for me on this.

Once again, this was a gradient thing.  I always missed my friends really, even from day one.  When I decided to join Marty I was sad to be leaving the people and the organization that I had been a part of for so long.    Marty and the independents love to talk about badges of honor and that kind of thing, but I was sad to turn my back on my friends and be thought of as an SP.

Then, after all the excitement and so on wore off, and as I started to get to know the people involved with Marty rather than just read the stuff they wrote on his site, I started to see so clearly that they were no better than anything they accused the church and church members of.

The camaraderie really only exists on the internet, where people come out and blog for hours on end.  Behind that there are the out ethics, insanities, jealousies, power plays, and everything else that they complain about.   They talk as though they have a right to judge.  They are so outraged by things that COB or the church is supposed to have done.

But the truth is they are not qualified to judge or to point a finger at all.

In reality, actually, it is worse among the indies – much worse.  There is far more out ethics, back stabbing, betrayal, natter and so on.

Many of the people are sad individuals with not much going for them, and the main thing they live for is the life they have on the Blog and on facebook.

Joe:  Are you saying there is not much of a physical universe third dynamic?

Sig:  Exactly.  There is no actual group as such.

Sure there have been some get togethers and do’s, but even at those there is an undercurrent of “we are doing this and being happy and friendly because we have to be to support our cause, but we know really that this isn’t going to work out in the long run”.

It’s horrible because you have to be friends with people you really don’t like because they really are SPs.

But because they are now on your side they are OK.  Hell, I even had to be ‘friendly’ with a couple of anon people who openly hate LRH, just because they are anti-COB too.  I didn’t enjoy that.

I also had to pretend to like Mike Rinder, and the truth is that no one I know actually likes Mike Rinder.  I am not trying to be mean there.  Down deep he is probably a good person I am sure, but he is so arrogant and socially flawed that I honestly don’t know anyone that genuinely likes him.  I feel so sorry for Christie.  She is a lovely girl and deserves better but she is trapped by him and also by Marty not allowing her to leave him, or at any rate her thinking that is what he thinks.

Marty doesn’t like Mike.  He pretends to, and probably one or two of Marty’s many valences quite like Mike, but I would say that the core being of Marty really despises him.   Marty knows Mike is a traitor and that if he sold out on LRH, he will sell out on Marty too when the time comes.

But there are others too that I don’t like, yet had to be friendly with.

Years ago I read about a man, he was a Christian, and he got aids from a blood transfer.  He was very anti-gay as a Christian, and he was being interviewed and telling how he was now having to associate with and accept gay people because they were the majority of the group he now belonged to as an aids victim.  Maybe it’s like being jailed over refusing to pay a parking fine and then finding you now have to socialize with rapists, thugs and killers.    You can’t refuse to be friends with them.   Suddenly you are all part of the same group, and bound by the mores of that group.  You must know what I mean.

And if you have a choice – you always have a choice – why go to jail and associate with people like that?  Better to just never go there.

And the thing is that all the new indies are so happy to be there, like I was at first, and those that have been around a while look on with a different understanding.

Joe:  You said something about Marty being caught in his own traps, what did ..

Sig:  Let me finish what I am saying.

The thing is the indies as a whole are such a disjointed and individuated buch of people that you begin to appreciate that to get anything done you have to have terminals, and lines, and something to keep the lines in, and hats and so on.  And when you think the thought through you realize that if Scientology is actually going to make it, then you have to have orgs.   It can’t be done by a bunch of people that have infrequent B-B-Qs and are simply egos on the internet.

It’s quite funny really.  When I was in the Church and looked into the indie scene, I was attracted by what I seemed to see there.  But when you become part of the indie scene and you wake up and look at what you’ve got and what is happening with the church and see things like that big printing building they have, and the thousands of people cheering for COB, and all the footage of wins around the globe, well then that does to your head as an indie what the squirrels did to your head as a churchie.  The Church is flourishing and prospering.  People are NOT leaving in droves.  You realize you made a huge mistake.

Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  But I saw one of the international events, and that really impacted on me and I realized that most of what I had been listening to was distorted natter.  Part truths for sure, but blown out of proportion and really just “so what?”

I suppose you have to decide what the goals and purposes are that you want to see being  achieved, and then go with the side that is going to achieve that, even if it is not perfect.

The indies are never going to clear the planet.  They are never going to get any proper delivery going, and if any of them do it will only be for their own personal gain in some small way.

If the future of Scientology was solely in indie hands, it would be gone within a year.  I truly believe that after my almost 2 years of involvement with them.

I decided that LRH was the person I trust most, and that I would only do what he says to do.  Orgs, the Sea Org, the ethics data, all of that stuff, the HCO PLs the LRHEDs, the FEBC, all of that stuff, is his technology.  Those were his solutions to delivering Scientology.  If he spent as much of his life developing the systems and mechanisms to deliver the technology, as he did developing the tech, then who are we to just throw that out the window and say we can do it as a grass roots activity.

If you could do it like that, LRH would have said to do it that way.  But, remembering something from my staff statuses, every policy is a handling for a situation that arose in trying to ensure delivery, or something like that.  I can’t remember the reference, but the admin tech is the solution on how to get the tech delivered.

Marty’s response to this is that the admin tech is not being applied.  Sometimes it isn’t applied – but that is just by some people, some of the time.  In general it is applied more than it isn’t being applied.   Orgs and the people that are in them are not perfect, but there is no other way.    And for sure it is applied a thousand times more than it is applied by the indies or by Marty.

I want my grandchildren to have a war free, sane, society as they grow up.  When I come back next life time I want to have parents that are Scientologists and go to a school that uses study tech.  I don’t want to be fed drugs.  I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Maybe the church won’t achieve these things.  That is possible of course.  But it is a certainty that the indies would never achieve that, ever.  That is certain.

Joe:  I got you.   It sounds like you are working your way through the doubt formula.

Sig:  Laughs.  Yes.  It does.

I want my real friends back.  And I want to be part of a group that is at least trying to do the right thing.

= = =

I’m going to cut it there.   Next time I think I will bring you the segment where she talks about what it is like to go in session with Marty.