Is Mark Rathbun Really a Squirrel???

There is a new site that has been created.  It contains far more specific data than I have access to and is well worth a good read. It is

On Rathbun’s article of today, there is a bunch of chatter about whether he is a squirrel auditor or not.  Marty says he is so good he does not need to ‘pull’ withholds – his PCs feel safe in his sessions and just volunteer their OWs.  Someone else says Marty is totally standard, with folders, C/Ses, worksheets and all other basics in.

If there is anyone out there that actually wonders if Marty is a squirrel or not, then just read the below.  I unashamedly lifted it verbatim from the site linked to above as I think it is that important that everyone should read it, especially the section on his stats as an auditor.  You couldn’t make this up.  After reading the article, go check out the rest of their site.

Why Mark Rathbun Attacks the Church of Scientology

And you wonder why Mark Rathbun attacks the Church?

“I ruined I don’t know how many cases. Probably dozens and dozens.” – Mark Rathbun

“To this day the Church is still discovering the crimes that Rathbun committed and withheld.” – Mike Rinder

For once, we will concede that Mike Rinder spoke the truth.

For the past many years since Mark Rathbun left the Church, an ongoing investigation has been looking into and uncovering any and all destructive actions and crimes perpetrated by Rathbun during his tenure in the Church. A review was done of everyone who Rathbun audited or did ethics interviews on and, as a result, numerous actions have been taken to repair those cases (both public and staff) who were at the receiving end of his injustice and squirrel auditing.

The number of Auditor Code violation and gross auditing errors committed by him is beyond infamy. A number of such cases will be taken up in this expose.

Any injustices implemented against staff and public are being heard and resolved.

Mark Rathbun continues to spout on the Net that he is the guru of standardness, the epitome of a standard tech zealot and is the Kingpin of all Tech. It is quite frightening and sickening to know that behind this lunacy and façade is not only a trail of deceit but despicable technical crimes of such magnitude that he gives a whole new meaning to being a squirrel.

Rathbun had covertly portrayed that he had technical certificates prior to leaving staff and Scientology, which is actually untrue and false. The deception he instigated to pull this off is nothing short of unbelievable. He had no valid certificates as he never did an internship—something that is mandatory per LRH policy for any auditor to prevent his certificates from expiring within one year. But through intimidation, lying and deception he was able to cow people into believing that he had. This Rathbun knows for a fact.

When Mark Rathbun realized that his house of “marked” cards was falling apart, he wrote, “I have been operating on pretense. I created and purveyed that I was a standard tech zealot. The thing I had done was dredge up horrendous overts and evil purposes on numerous exec and staff. In short, I was covering up and false reporting as a routine basis.”

Rathbun wrote in his Diary, “I ruined I don’t know how many cases. Probably dozens and dozens. I also did these all with no C/Ses (I just did it).”

“I ran in probing for hours for withholds and evil purposes. This resulted in many ruined cases – [name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, name, etc.].”

And a few pages earlier in his Diary of Crimes, “[My] intentions are out to destroy the good and perpetrate the evil.”


Preclear 1: Gross out-tech, 23 violations of the Auditor’s Code, very gross auditor errors, invalidated and challenged the preclear, withheld any records of his actions until found a year later, no Examiner’s Report as none given, got upset with the preclear in session. The preclear blew and later attacked the Church.

Preclear 2: Repair found that Rathbun severely challenged her answers and invalidated her data repeatedly during one of his squirrel “Ethics Interviews” to the point that she got sick.

Preclear 3: Worksheets of Rathbun’s auditing were not found until a year later. He did an assessment on the person and then challenged the person to look for evil purposes and introverts him. This individual later attacked the Church in the press. His last “auditing” action? Rathbun’s squirrel Ethics Interview.

Preclear 4: Rathbun did a squirrel “Ethics Interview” on this person for hours, probing for evil purposes and withholds. Challenging and intimidating questions are asked which did not find any crime or withhold or result in any relief, but only upset the person – effectively blocking any chance of pulling the person’s actual withholds and instead only missing them. This person later blew the Church.

Preclear 5: Rathbun did his “Ethics Interview” on this woman and overwhelmed her with challenging and invalidating questioning. The woman caved in and subsequently left the Church. She later also attacked the Church.

Preclear 6: Rathbun the squirrel audited this preclear and was challenging and invalidating throughout. The preclear later refused to be audited again by Rathbun. Rathbun then threatened this person outside of “auditing.” That individual later attacked the Church.

Preclear 7: Rathbun “audited” this individual and evaluated and invalidated her in session. He even enforced his evaluation of her behavior and case on her, which she of course protested. He nevertheless indicated an F/N at session’s end. The preclear then did not F/N at the Examiner, but he refused to take her back in session. The preclear left the Church and became an attacker.

Preclear 8: Mark Rathbun did one of his “Ethics Interviews” on this person who consequently became so upset that he went off Church lines and has not been heard from again.

Preclear 9: Mark Rathbun did a squirrel “Ethics Interview” on him. The worksheets cannot be read as they are illegible but it looks like random questions were asked. The pc became very upset over Rathbun’s handling of him. He later blew the Church.

Preclear 10: Rathbun “audited” this person for over a month without getting an exam or even having a C/S. He justified this on the pretext that he was doing “Ethics Interviews” (for a month???) The person became very upset, blew and eventually became an attacker of the Church as a direct result of Rathbun’s actions.

Preclear 11: Rathbun did a squirrel “Ethics Interview” on this individual, reporting that he had lied regarding survey results he had passed on to LRH many years prior. The person insists that this was not what he told Rathbun. Futhermore, Rathbun spread rumors about that the person was being a pervert and involved in degraded sexual behavior. Mark Rathbun’s product was that the staff member eventually blew and became an attacker of the Church.

Preclear 12: Rathbun “audited” this person – who Rathbun years later admitted he missed withholds on. The person left the Church.

Preclear 13: Rathbun did an invalidative and evaluative squirrel “Ethics Interview” on a public individual who had had very little sleep. Even though the person informed Rathbun that he was not interviewable, Rathbun enforced the issue. This resulted in the person blowing the next day from the FSO.

Preclear 14: Worksheets were found a year later after Rathbun “audited” this executive for many hours, grinding the person into introspection and introversion. Rathbun admitted years later that he ruined this person’s case – “I screwed up his case…I did this and that and switched to this and that and I dropped him.” The executive will get full clean up and repair. Thirty-four violations of the Auditor’s Code by Rathbun were uncovered.

Preclear 15: Rathbun did a challenging and probing ethics interview on a staff member resulting in the person becoming sick and ill. The staff member had to be repaired by another auditor and 23 violations of the Auditor’s Code by Rathbun were uncovered.

Preclear 16: Rathbun did his squirrel “Ethics Interview” on an elderly man who he had been gunning for. He had this man on the meter for hours on end, late into the night, randomly digging into unreading thoughts and intentions. The person got ill afterwards and had to be repaired by another auditor. Rathbun committed 16 violations of the Auditor’s Code. Rathbun later physically attacked this person outside of his “Ethics Interviews,” by pushing, shoving, kicking him and throwing him on the floor.

Preclear 17: Rathbun did both his style of “Ethics Interviews” and physical intimidation of an executive to get the person to cough up what Rathbun wanted to hear. Rathbun later admitted that he ruined this person’s case (which says a lot, considering Rathbun usually did not admit to his tech crimes at all). It took three intensives to repair this case. It was found that Rathbun had committed 45 violations of the Auditor’s Code.

Preclear 18: While conducting an “Ethics Interview,” Rathbun burst out in rage and grabbed the person, locking his arms and shoving the person against a metal filing cabinet. The person eventually got assistance and repair – fortunately, not by Rathbun.

Preclear 19: Rathbun disrupted an interview being done on a staff member and hit the person on the head.

Preclear 20: During an “Ethics Interview” Rathbun challenged this person, refused to hear what he had to say and eventually told him that it was the end of the interview and to come outside with him. He did and Rathbun slapped the person in the face, so hard he gave him a black eye.

Preclear 21: Rathbun did a squirrel “Ethics Interview” on this individual and at one point just up left the room because, “it wasn’t going anywhere.” When the person shortly followed Rathbun outside, Rathbun then pushed and shoved him because “it wasn’t going anywhere and this might get it going somewhere.”

Preclear 22: Rathbun “audited” a person for months, refusing any supervision of his auditing and viciously invalidating the C/S who wanted to see the preclears folder. Later review of the case revealed false reports, no reports, severe out-tech and gross violations of the Auditor’s Code. The preclear was given a full repair just on Rathbun’s “auditing.”

In each and every single case, it was found that Rathbun false reported exactly what he did. He even went so far as to not write what down what he did (which was later discovered by interviewing those he had interviewed or “audited”) or report a totally opposite version of what had occurred. His shouting at or intimidating the person was never recorded except for marking down “Reality Factor given.” He withheld these and hundreds of Auditor’s Code violations and Gross Auditing Errors.

It is almost too incomprehensible and inconceivable. In fact, it’s too incredible.

But even more incredible is a fair number of the preclears, who became attackers of the Church after Rathbun “auditing” of them, are now in Rathbun’s squirrel group.

“Probably the most covert and vicious crime in auditing is falsifying an auditing report.

“At first glance, to someone who is trying to PR himself as an auditor or to escape consequences of session goofs, this might not seem to be the huge crime that it is.

“When an auditing report is falsified, means of repairing the pc are denied, out-tech and a need for restudy or redrilling of materials is covered up, out-tech is spread about and the repute of the org and Scientology are at risk.

“There are many ways of falsifying an auditing report. Chief amongst them is omission of vital data in the report. Another is faking the things run or the pc’s actions or reactions.

“To the person doing this, it may seem that he has covered up his incompetence, but in actual fact it is eventually detected….

“The person who would falsify an auditing report is usually found to be a suppressive with abundant R/Ses and evil intentions who never should have been trained in the first place.

“Therefore, the penalty for knowingly falsifying an auditing report in order to make oneself seem more competent than one is or to hide departures from the C/S or to omit vital data necessary to C/Sing, resulting in upsets to a case and time spent in investigation by seniors, is actionable by a Committee of Evidence and, if the matter is proven beyond reasonable doubt, a cancellation of all certificates and awards, a declare and an expulsion order are mandatory.

“Should the person perpetrating the falsification of auditing reports run away (blow) before action can be taken, the result is the same and is enforceable even if the person is not present.”