Is Marty Rathbun Mentally Disturbed?

Let’s face it Marty Rathbun is no longer hiding his obsessions and paranoia.

Rathbun can’t let go of the fact that he is incapable of taking responsibility for his own destructive actions – everything he does or did it’s because someone else made him do it. I wonder what else those voices inside his head are telling him.

Marty lives in a delusional world.

I don’t think Marty is even aware of how many times he changes the facts in his stories. One day he tells a story, a few months later he gives another rendition of that same story and finally a year later another version of it. Is he a pathological liar or is he mentally disturbed?

It can be said that Marty Rathbun is a man of multiple personalities. Even a biased reporter was able to observe Marty’s split personality:

“Sometimes he [Marty Rathbun] seems to be having a dialogue between the new Marty and the old.”

 I am convinced that Marty’s personality was substantially affected by the electroshocks he received way back in 1956.