Just How Pathetic are Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun?

In Lecture 41 given on 25 January 1954 of the 3rd American ACC, LRH says:

“The entire track of a thetan could be said to be a consecutive series of apathies about what he knows.”

Those going up the Bridge are handling that apathy about what they know. They are courageously confronting eons and several cycles of apathy so they attain true knowledge.

Not so for both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. Those two individuals are so cowardly about truth and knowing they are working to ensure their apathy deepens and deepens by living lives of lies and fraud. Apathy about know is what those two want for themselves and others.

They broke somewhere on the track. They broke so badly the very idea of being a spiritual being makes them shudder in terror. Thus, they yielded to untruth and are now themselves symbols of untruth: Squirrels! That is what one might call a squirrel—a symbol of untruth and psychotic refusal to know. The SP looks at his hands stealing something or hearing his mouth utter lies upon lies and is totally disconnected from those acts. He refuses to know. That it is how unreal what they do is even to themselves. In order to do what Rathbun and Rinder do they have to be untruthful and unreal even unto themselves. That’s how disassociated from truth and knowledge they are.

Their disconnection from reality, the disconnection that allows them to destroy what will rescue every being, is proven by their incompetence. They tried to wreck everything they touched, malice aforethought of course drives the SP, but you would think that if they had any real hope of succeeding at destroying the Church they would at least demonstrate some competence at it. Of course, they didn’t and they don’t because they can’t be competent because incompetence and inability to complete cycles of action, is part and parcel of being an antisocial personality. They just can’t know because they are too apathetic to know.

They decided, actively and deliberately, not to know. Surrounded by real tech, real knowledge, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun denied themselves any partaking of it. Now, how unreal is that?

I have seen avowed antagonists trying to duplicate the tech in the attempt to become more able to stop us. These antagonist individuals never were Scientologists. That they fail to duplicate the tech or stop us in anyway goes without saying. However, by comparison with Rathbun and Rinder, this antagonist does far better than Rathbun and Rinder, who had every opportunity to avail themselves of knowing the tech. Rathbun and Rinder are chronically, deeply and psychotically committed to not knowing. At least the antagonist was attempting to know, whereas Rathbun and Rinder wouldn’t get near the truth with a 76 trillion year long pole.

Given their former posts, the one thing that Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder should know without any doubt whatever is that no antagonist ever wins against us. But apparently Rathbun and Rinder are incapable of knowing even that.

One thing I believe that Rathbun and Rinder have certainty on is that the tech works. And when things began to expand, and the requirement for knowing the tech increased and increased in order to get more expansion, they knew they could no longer pass muster. They had to get the hell out though offered great assistance to stay and rise up the conditions.

Too many overts against the group and too many overts against the tech compelled them to take themselves away from both. But being antisocial personalities, they had to try to destroy the chance to know for everyone. That is how far their psychosis has progressed. Nobody is going to be allowed to know the tech.

But they have shut themselves off from knowing how to know’ which makes them too stupid at this point to know that whatever success they think they are having is total delusion. Okay so they are screwing up a few cases by squirreling. If they call that success, then the moon is really made out of green cheese.

The moral of this story is: Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun are hurting no one but themselves and a few people who also want to destroy their ability to know how to know by letting Rathbun squirrel on them. The apathy of Rathbun and Rinder, and those connected to them, is so extreme that personal extinction seems appears to be their real cause. How pathetic is that?