Keeping Scientology Working the LRH Way – By Mardy Rathbun

Marty Rathbun


By Marty Rathbun
Thanks to all for the fantastic feedback from my article on F/Ns.  It was truly gratifying to hear that so many of you, previously confused on the subject, now have a solid grip on it.

Factually, I didn’t say anything that LRH didn’t actually say, or didn’t intend to say.  He may not have laid it all out quite as clearly as I was able to do, but that doesn’t minimize his contribution to the subject.  As we all know, he was a very busy man, and so liked to keep his policy letters, bulletins, lectures and books on the short side.  That was true of both his fiction and non-fiction works.

Unfortunately this hesitation to properly express himself, coupled with his limited vocabulary, economy of words and a congenital shyness that caused him to withdraw from people and life in general, resulted in many of his concepts being inadequately vocalized and lacking real clarity.

I am honored to be in a position where I am able to Keep Scientology Working, the LRH way.

Most of you will have read the LRH Policy called Keeping Scientology Working (KSW).  It serves as a great example of all I have said above, as well as pointing the way to the future.

It is a short essay, using only the simplest of words and concepts.  As everyone knows, simple words and simple sentences often have double meanings and so can be most confusing.   That is why everyone is confused about KSW.

LRH has a large part in the confusion.  When it was clear that people were confused by the Policy as evidenced by their not applying it, LRH could have done something about it.

But, rather than engage in his least favorite activity of all time and put pen to paper and write something, LRH simply re-issued the policy – something he did a few times with that one.  Like, if people didn’t get it the first time, why would they get it the second or third times – Duh.

If he had just taken the time to be crystal clear, people might have applied it.  Not that I am being critical of him in this instance – as I say he was a very busy man, and didn’t have much time for writing.  Also, there are now highly trained people like myself that can provide the clarity that has been missing until now, so no harm done really.

For any of my readers who have been hoodwinked into thinking that the best way to understand LRH is to read exactly what he himself wrote, may I just point out that that is not what LRH wanted, as explained in KSW itself.

Discovering the original manuscripts, producing the basic books, lectures and congresses and making people study them is not an attempt to get people to understand and apply Scientology.  Rather, it is a cunning strategy developed by an SP, designed to confuse all Scientologists by introducing bank.

Well, I am standing up to that suppression!  Based on the success of my first article I have graciously decided to share some of my other technical nuggets with you.  If you have fallen into the trap of reading straight LRH, then climb out now while you still have a chance and stand beside me.  (But don’t cramp my style – I don’t have any of the problems LRH did and I do not need your help.  You can contribute financially, as laid out in KSW, but that is about it).

I understand that some of you may still be dubious, and so let me put all concerns to rest.

In the KSW Policy, LRH says that he knows how insane a group will become in regards to the technology.  Great thinking is something done by an individual, not a group.   Groups are bank, because they are lots of individual banks.

Well, has anyone noticed that the Church is a group?  That producing and printing the books and lectures is done by not just one group, but by many groups within that larger group?

An organizing board is broken down into Divisions, Departments and Units.  Each of these is a group.

So you have groups of people who find the originals, groups of people who transcribe them, groups of people involved in cross checking and cross referencing them, groups of people  who translate them, groups that do the artwork, groups that do the printing, groups that do the shipping.  This group thing goes on and on.

All this group activity is simply BANK.  That is what LRH says.  Do you see how the materials get so screwed up?  First you have LRH who is not understandable at all, and then you have all these groups adding their own bank into the mix  and so of course what comes out the other end is undecipherable.

So what does LRH say we should do, right there in the KSW policy?  Well he says that an individual, who is above an avid craving for bank agreement, must rise up and develop things by himself.

And that is where I come in.  I have risen above the bank, above any cravings of any kind, and especially above any craving for bank agreement, admiration, sympathy, money, or fish.

I have risen above the overt-motivator sequence, above the Code of Honor, above ser facs and evil purposes, above the Auditors Code and above Martin Luther King.

Ladies and gentlemen – I have risen!

And from my position as The Risen One, I have condensed, modified, clarified, and specified those bits of the LRH Technology that work.

You now have a choice.  Follow me! – or do nothing and be forever bone idle in a Southeast Asian jungle, reading porn.

If you have chosen to follow me then know that the next steps I am taking are to make known the technology, which I am doing on this blog (witness my article on F/Ns), and that your task is to apply this technology with a hammer to make sure it gets through any shut doors.

Love to you all,

The Risen One
Rising Up A Little Higher

Thanks for this little gem Marty. Keep ’em comin’