Koon’s Age of Tech

In looking through the list of people that Marcus Brutus Rathbun has as close friends I ran across Dan Koon.

Dan Koon is another traitor in about the same league as Marty Rathbun. He used to work in a unit at Int called RTRC, which stands for LRH Technical Research and Compilations. It was a unit set up by LRH in 1978 (the year he dubbed The Year of Technical Breakthroughs) to assist him in his work.

Somewhere along the line Dan Koon held the Senior C/S Int post, which is the highest technical post in the Church. He only lasted a year or so before, in his own words, “Thankfully, DM busted me.”

The point is that Dan was a highly tech trained person, and someone that LRH trusted.

That was then. These days Dan Koon is an out and out squirrel, and one of Marcus Brutus Rathbun’s merry band of misfits.

Dan Koon doesn’t understand the OEC Volumes, Management Series or the OEC/FEBC, nor does he understand what they are for. He confuses admin with Policy. “People who knew me in the SO would laugh if they saw your recommendation that I be in a high admin position! I was never a fan of admin for admin’s sake and most considered me policy-challenged as a result.”

Despite not understanding Admin Tech, Dan Koon has come to the conclusion that the problem with the Church is that all the materials (books, lectures and films) are not free and available on the Internet. He thinks that all materials should be available for download on the web along with all the checksheets. In Dan’s vision of the future people would do their Academy Levels on iPods while drinking coffee at Starbucks or snatching time between TV shows.

He even goes so far as to suggest that people could do their TRs and Metering at home or in Starbucks, and email a home-made video to him for a pass.

Quite why Dan thinks this will work is a mystery. Most Scientologists already have books and CDs that they can study at any time. The problem is getting people to get through them and understand them. Any org has public in its field that have the materials at home, but who do not study them, other than when they are in the org and on course. We are talking about studying philosophy here – not reading comics or Harry Potter. Would people who already have the books and lectures they have never studied suddenly get through them if they instead had a free version on their iPod?

Admin Tech” has to do with Orgs; how to run them and how to handle them. Orgs are what LRH developed as the means to get the tech disseminated, studied and applied. Orgs, and course rooms are LRH’s idea of what is needed. To get students through a major course requires a supervisor who can spot students running into any of the barriers to study, and get them debugged and back on track. Any decent word clearer in a course room has a waiting list of people needing MUs handled.  Any decent supervisor is run off his feet handling students.

Sure the Church currently has thousands of people on Internet courses and extension courses. But these are basic Div 6 courses – not Academy Levels, or the SHSBC. Dan Koon however is talking about doing the BC and becoming a Class VI using stolen materials over the Internet!

Dan has clearly lost the plot. He is even promoting a harebrained scheme to have metered auditing done over the Internet using a Skype video link, the auditor and pc separated by thousands of miles. This would be impossible to do even with a Rolls Royce PC, never mind any PC with a withhold or ARC X. Forget any chance of getting an instant read, what altitude does a face on a TV screen have when the PC can simply switch it off? How about Objectives? How about the Checklist for setting up a session? Maybe in the Koon’s Age of Tech these things don’t matter.

If you want to know what LRH says about people who steal his tech, or what he says about people who come up with weird solutions, look up the section on squirrels in the LRH Policy section of this site.

Koon has the idea that the Internet happened after LRH died, and he couldn’t have imagined it but if he had … yak yak yak. Koon seems to have forgotten that LRH had a more than adequate imagination, which he successfully applied in his Sci Fi writings.

LRH had more experience than anyone on what it took to get auditors trained and PCs processed. Over many years he worked this over and over until he had a brilliantly workable system. The entire system is laid out and codified in the OEC Volumes, Management Series and OEC/FEBC. That is the way to ensure Scientology flourishes into the future. The pattern is to create Central Orgs, with standard academies and HGCs, running on the Policies he laid out.  The other Divisions in an org are required to ensure that it’s purpose is achieved – selling and delivering auditing and training.   Where these policies are followed the results are uniformly spectacular.

It sickens me that someone like Dan Koon can do what he has done. The only reason Koon ever commanded any respect at all was because of the power he got directly from LRH  – his acting opportunities, his training, his staff positions. That he now attempts to destroy everything that LRH created and devoted his life to is below contemptible. Dan would have done better to die defending LRH’s legacy than to have turned traitor. There is no honor in what he has done. There is no justification possible.  Koon is the living definition of an SP.

If Koon can stab LRH in the back as easily as that, he can stab anyone. Even the squirrels should be watching out for this guy.


For your amusement I start with Dan Koon in his own words about his Koon’s Age of Tech.

Imagine being able to read LRH books and bulletins and listen to LRH lectures sitting at home or at Starbucks. Imagine not having to race home after work, wolf down a meal to make it to roll call at 7:00, but doing your course on-line on your own schedule. (Maybe you can only devote a hour tonight because American Idol comes on at 8:00.) Even your TR and metering courses. Web cams, anyone? Cut your video and email it to the Supe in the org. Or send it to me. After you’ve watched the Tech Film that you had downloaded and watched earlier.

Basically all of Scientology could be studied and learned on-line and probably could be made available for free. Even the haters might listen to a lecture or two if they were free.”

And now LRH

Below I include some LRH quotes. These are mostly from Policy so Koon is unlikely to have seen them. Remember, he  thinks Policy is admin and he doesn’t do admin for admin’s sake – whatever the hell that means.

HCO PL Indicators of Orgs.

Dilettante = One who interests himself in a art or science merely as a pastime and without serious study.

In an org, this manifests itself with “people should live a little.” “One needs a rest from Scientology.” “One should do something else, too.” All that kind of jazz.

It also manifests itself in nonconsecutive scheduling, part-time students, “because things are different in this town and people can only come two nights …” Ask what they do with other nights. Bowling. Horse racing.

Boy, you better maul the case folders of staff. You have a suppressive aboard. Maybe six.

Scientology, that saves lives, is a modern miracle, is being compared to bowling. Get it?

That org or portion just isn’t serious. Scientology is an idle club to it, an old lady’s sewing circle. And to somebody, selling training and auditing are just con games they put over on the public.” LRH

HCO PL The Organizations of Dianetics and Scientology

“The real reason that Central Organizations process people for a fee and train people for a fee is to disseminate the capabilities and abilities of Scientology. But the secondary reason, which becomes primary in the Central Organizations, is to buy organization itself and to advance the science. The reason that we object to “squirrels,”… is because they do not pay their way.

“We find their papers full of the materials which were hard won by myself and the Central Organizations and yet we have nothing but debits on our records to show that they passed our way. These people have as their major fault no cognizance of effort.

“People such as our best-known squirrels are perfectly willing to snatch our hard-won materials and misuse them, but they are not willing to support the effort which brought these materials into being. In other words, their existence is parasitic. Completely aside from the perversion of materials, this is what we have against them. Fortunately they number one in thousands. Their lies, stupidities, vilifications are all a statement that they are unwilling to pay for what they use. They are cheap. The rest of us paid our way and we have won.” LRH

Axioms and Logics – Further Data

Squirrel is a technical term;

a squirrel is somebody who invents something that he knows won’t work

in order to get some nut to audit.

And that’s a squirrel.


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