Liberator, Leader or Oppressor?

Isn’t it interesting that Marty Rathbun feels at liberty to post embellished and derogatory information about L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists, yet if someone speaks out against him he goes ballistic?

If anyone dares to oppose Rathbun’s views and expose his motives, he promptly blames the ecclesiastical leadership of Scientology.  Marty is so obsessed with the leadership that he is compelled to constantly gripe about it and justify everything he is doing and saying in order to lessen (he thinks) the target of his hate propaganda.

Rathbun’s obsession boils down to this one factor: he is missing the leadership position he once had and abused. He has been desperately trying to get it back.

Sometimes I wonder if Rathbun read the book Liberation and Leadership: A Psychological Approach by Sean Ruth. The author describes in his book how to be an effective leader and looks at leadership in the context of liberation.

There are several postings where Marty Rathbun has cast himself in the role of a liberator from imaginary enemies.  Marty is constantly living in a never ending motion picture where he is the main protagonist.  He named his place Casablanca believing he is Humphrey Bogart. Another time he was acting like Wyatt Earp, as in Tombstone, telling someone that he had until sundown to give Marty what he wanted or else.

Or perhaps Marty Rathbun believes he is Simon Bolivar liberating the “world” from the Spanish oppressors.  It is unfortunate that Marty failed to take a good look in the mirror and realize that he is the one and only oppressor that he should be dealing with.

The question is this: is Marty Rathbun the Liberator or the Leader?

The answer is simple: he is neither, he is the oppressor.