Lice, Squirrels and Contrary Facts

It is an unfortunate fact of life on Planet earth that almost all organisms can be attacked by parasites.

Parasite: Noun. An organism which cannot survive alone but lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. Origin: via Latin from Greek parasitos ‘(person) eating at another’s table’, from para– ‘alongside’ + sitos ‘food’.

A common parasite that can attack individuals is the louse, or lice in the plural.

Lice are scavengers, feeding on skin and other debris found on the host’s body, and are often blood suckers.

Whereas an individual can be affected by lice, a group is affected by squirrels.

Lice and squirrels are pretty similar in that they are parasitic and cannot make their own way, depending for their survival on the existence of their host; they scavenge for food and without off-casts and detritus from the main body they would have nothing to live on; and they are an itchy annoyance to the host until treated with chemicals.

As LRH says in the 1 May ’58 HCOB Signs of Success, “There’s nothing personal in having squirrels.  Even heroes can have lice.”

Over the last 60 years Dianetics and Scientology have been infected with squirrels several times, and an analysis of those will be the subject of a future post. For now I want to look at the last major infestation, which was in 1983, and lead by the notorious squirrel David Mayo.

At the start of that squirrel movement letters were circulated to the public (there was no internet then) which alleged many things about LRH and top management. Interestingly those allegations are very similar to the ones we now have. In fact they were almost identical to the lies that Mark Rathbun the new squirrel is now spouting.

Of all the lies, there is one that I want to draw to your attention here. It is frequently alleged on Marty’s site that the stats have been on a permanent downtrend since 1987 (some say it’s since 1990).

Well, it is interesting to note that in the letter that first circulated and ‘alerted’ people to the ‘problems in the Church’ in 1983, the squirrels claimed that the problems had started in 1965 when ethics tech came out, and that since then there had been ‘heavy ethics’, ‘physical violence’ and ‘thousands of trained C/Ses, auditors and other staff had been forced to leave’. I include quotes from that letter below so you can see it is all just the same stuff regurgitated again.

The point is this. The 1983 squirrels say that the orgs are empty and there are no public left and that things have been going downhill since 1965. That is 18 years of things going downhill.

The 2009 squirrels say the stats have been downtrending and things have been getting steadily worse since 1987. That is a further 23 years of continual downstats.

Doing the maths, (and assuming you believe the squirrels) this means that in the last 45 years the stats have been steadily downtrending for 41 of those years.

The only time unaccounted for by the squirrels is 1983 – 1987, which just happens to be the time between the inception of Mayo’s squirrels and their final demise. Maybe the Church had super-massive expansion in those years when the Mayo squirrels were trying to Black PR LRH and Management.

Doesn’t this 41 years of downtrending stats in the last 45 seem just a little unlikely?

Along with their statements that the stats are all crashing, the squirrels also complain that COB has amassed $1 Billion in a slush fund through IAS reging. In other words, in the 25 years that the IAS has been around it has accumulated ever increasing amounts of money, while for the last 23 years the number of IAS members has been decreasing.

Don’t these ‘facts’ seem just a little contrary?

How about this. The squirrels claim the stats have been crashing for the last 23 years. In the last 10 years the Church has seen a massive growth in its properties with Flag having been completely renovated and expanded, huge buildings and properties acquired for Narconon, Able and other sectors, numerous Ideal Orgs created around the world, huge new publications buildings set up. Contrary Facts?

Here is a subtle one. We all know Marty is trying to prove that LRH was ‘kidnapped’ in 1981 and then kept in the dark until he died in 1986, by COB. While that is straight falsehood, let’s play a simple game and pretend it is true for a minute.

That would mean that LRH was on the lines until his ‘kidnapping’ in 1981, so he would have been there and ‘on watch’ from 1965 when the stats started crashing. In other words, he would have watched the stats go down for 16 years without handling the situation. Only a squirrel would believe that statement to be true – which is why it was what the 1983 squirrels claimed.

Here is what the 1983 squirrels had to say about things. I think you will agree it is almost exactly the same as the current squirrels say. And standing against this is ever increasing reserves, beautiful upstat Ideal Orgs opening on a regular basis, Highest Ever stats at FSO and in many orgs, more people than ever really understanding what Scientology is, books and lectures translated into more languages than ever, and 4D campaigns that are making huge impact on society around the world.

A complete data analysis should go back at least to 1965 when ethics conditions first came out, possibly earlier. Since 1965 forward one can view the use of heavy force to control, fear tactics, and physical restraint, etc. Those who were there remember the inception of these methods. From that time forward, one finds the misuse of ethics conditions on persons with great enturbulation resulting… one finds additives to the ethics conditions in the form of make-wrong mechanisms including outright physical body punishment. One finds ARCXs occurring, some severe enough to cause former upstats to leave altogether.

It is true that some people left before this time, but it was due to the case strain from running research processes. So from 1965 on, we find individuals who had heavy force used against them or who were assigned wrong conditions — then made wrong about the wrong condition.

“Amnesties were an attempt to bring the people back, but the majority did not come back on the amnesty as the amnesty did not indicate the correct BPC the people were sitting in.  Thus Scn did not keep its people. The turnover of staff became a routine joke. The highly dedicated most able were left behind. Thousands of excellent auditors, C/Ses, sups and admin personnel who would have stayed indefinitely for low pay and long hours, were left behind after each of these 3rd dynamic dramatizations of “purifying” the organization.”

Although the above was written in 1983, I think you will agree that it is almost exactly the same as the crap Marty spouts daily on his blog.

The actual truth is that the Church is expanding and doing better than ever. That is what brings squirrels out and makes them complain.

The lines of attack are always the same. They attack management and accuse it of having perverted or inhibited LRH or his tech. They do that to justify their theft of the tech, and their squirreling. They attack ethics tech to prevent it being applied to them.

The bottom line is that squirrels are parasites. They scavenge off the Church, and tell all manner of lies to try and make themselves look nobel instead. A hyena will never be a lion. A vulture will never be an eagle. A squirrel will never be an In-Tech auditor.

Read the section on Squirrels in the LRH Quotes part of this site and you will have a correct understanding of what they really are.

– Minerva