Listen to who is talking – a parody of Marty Rathbun’s own article.

A lot of people have noted that Marty Rathbun speeches and blog articles are taking on more of an hypnotic sounding tone, and yet his sheep don’t seem to notice.  I believe the following may shed a bit of light on those concerns.

Marty Rathbun developed a technique that he called “bully thunder” for his presentations.  The “bully thunder” consists of a series of “facts” and “stats” of the shack – all exaggerated, and some made up out of whole cloth – being forcefully communicated to Marty’s audience and accented with overwhelming and building rap music, vieos and graphics being flashed in the recipients’ faces.  Bully thunder is considered achieved if, and only if, the entire Marty crowd is swept to their feet in adoring, accepting their leader, i.e., Marty!  Marty is obsessed with ensuring his articles and speeches have several “bully thunder” moments. Over the years, Marty weeded out the involvement of others in dealing with internal church matters and, now, his independent sheep. When you add to the equation that virtually all the independents have been forced, coerced and conditioned into immediately and savagely punishing the slightest indication of “doubt” about the infallibility of Marty Rathbun that manifests itself with any Marty’s follower, you’ve got a perfect recipe for disaster.  That is, mind controlling hypnotism on a mass scale, according to Marty’s latest mambo jumbo theory.  Marty failed to listen to that LRH lecture contained in the Congresses about “brainwashing”.

Let us also consider the following facts.  First, over the past few decades Marty has attempted to alter Ethics, Admin and Tech. Marty’s favorite game is bullying and then punish people.

Don’t be fooled by Marty because behind the scene he bosses his followers around. If he doesn’t like one of them it’s over.

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