Mark Rathbun arrest cover-up

Arrest No. 11965738 - Orleans Parish Sheriff Arrest Register

Mark C. Rathbun’s arrest report and mug shot showed up on and true to form he was arrested for DISTURBING THE PEACE and PUBLIC DRUNKENESS. (See below for the official police arrest report).

In an attempt to downplay what really happened on his honeymoon night, Rathbun stated that “We found ourselves the perfect r&b venue deep down Bourbon Street. We knocked back Hurricanes till we had the whole place doing the Electric Slide and Cupid’s Shuffle. Then the shots came. I did not know they were 180 proof till the next day when I tracked down the waitress to ask what it was that blindsided me. At one point I bolted for the door for some air and space; unfortunately without informing the love of my life, who never would have allowed the following to happen. A kid was dribbling a basketball down the crowded street. You may have heard the racist joke about what happens when you roll a basketball down the street in certain neighborhoods. Well, I am the living proof it is not a race thing. I was raised on hoops and instinctively went and checked the kid. We both put on ball handling displays while checking one another, and of course talking a lot of trash. Some horseback cops showed up and told me it was time to go home. I told them I had to fetch my wife first and headed back for the club. The doorman wouldn’t let me in with no shirt (which I stripped for the hoopless basketball contest). The cops didn’t appreciate my pit stop and pinned me against the wall with their horses. I didn’t tamely submit, though I never laid a hand on anyone….” Mark “Marty” Rathbun

The problem I have with his “story” [which he called “CONfession] is he LIED! But what is new with Rathbun? A liar is a coward, a perjurer is a criminal, a madman is a psychopath and put them altogether and you get Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

Here’s another Marty lie: He wasn’t just drunk playing hoops with a kid with a basketball; he was out harassing tourist per the police report.

Actually he was disturbing the peace, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and harassment of tourist.

It is amazing that the Freedom Magazine, A History of Lies, was released and published only 12 hours after Marty Rathbun went to New Orleans and hit the town on a drunken and disorderly rampage binge on tourist on Bourbon Street.

But the Freedom Magazine was somewhat prophetic. In the closing paragraph of the article on A Liar is a Coward A Perjurer is a Criminal, there is statement of fact and prediction—“And that’s the real story of Rathbun…[he] doesn’t belong in front of cameras, unless it’s for a mug shot.”

Ain’t that the truth!

P.S. What we don’t know is what happened to Mosey in the bar when Marty was in the Orleans Parish Prison with his 50 cellmates.