Mark “Marty” Rathbun caught lying again

“ I NEVER PUT A MARK ON ANYBODY.” Marty Rathbun to the SP Times 2009


“ I created an operating climate of fear… I put on a tough-guy beingness, unfriendly, suspicious and menacing virtually everywhere I went… I was snappy with people in general. I went around with a scowl like I was ready to knock anybody ‘‘s block off who made a wrong move [and I did].” – Mark “Marty” Rathbun

So everyone knows, I know this nut.

What I write is factual and true. I know for I was the recipient of his wrath and psychosis!

I have known Rathbun since 1991. I have had very few encounters with him.  However, I have experienced uncontrolled wrath and violence as well as more insidious, covert defamation of my character and self-respect. While I have heard from others that they have had similar experiences, I am confining my account to my personal own observations.

In 1996, Rathbun administered a religious confessional to me in preparation for me to move to a higher post. He wanted to see if I was involved with some other persons who had been found to have altered LRH administrative policy whom I had once worked with.

While there was no outbreak of uncontrolled wrath at that time nor visible violation of standard technology, after he completed the confessional, he took what I had confessed to and embellished what I had done, making it seem like I had been trying to create a major schism within the Church. He had me sequestered off any post for 4 months, when, in fact, what I had confessed to was that I had a disagreement with another Church staff member at that time, Tom DeVocht.  Marty Rathbun was protecting Tom and would not hear my explanation of Tom’s alteration of Church policy.

My next encounter with Rathbun was a few months later in early 1997. I was then in a position in CSI of evaluating the progress of Churches and of other situations, and so I submitted a recommended program for a major Church organization, which was, admittedly, not adequate.

Rathbun came on the scene when alerted to this incorrect evaluation. But instead of regular corrective procedures, he confronted me sternly on what I had done. While I admitted wrong-doing, his attitude was that this admission was just an attempt to keep him from finding what I was  ‘‘really doing,” and so he interrogated me at length as to what I was up to. He screamed and attempted to intimidate me by waving a baseball bat around and slamming it on a file cabinet just inches away from me with the seeming intent to scare the daylights out of me into some sort of confession. He is much larger than me physically (I am 5’ 7” and he is over 6 feet tall.)

As that didn’t  “work,” he took me into a private room, the door shut and more intimately questioned me to get to the bottom of this situation and get a confession as to what I was up to, accusing me of dark secrets. He did this, however in total violation of the code of conduct of confessional procedure, including the fact that I had had little sleep the night before, this being a violation to do any such questioning late at night and with no sleep.  He badgered and intimidated me, threatened me for over an hour until he got what he seemed to want: I ended up in a breakdown of utter sobbing. He was satisfied with his  result  and told me to re-do my recommended program.

By any Scientology code of conduct, the very things he was accusing me of (suppression of organizations for own benefit or unethical purpose) was exactly what he was living: using his position to intimidate and crush persons who were trying to get something done. His attitude and demeanor took me by surprise as never in my entire career on staff since 1970 had I ever been threatened physically or subjected to intimidation and there is nothing remotely in the writing of LRH that resembles any part of this. The insidious part is that all the while he was pretending to be an authorized top official of the Church, thus misusing his power to violate the very technical rules the Church is built on.

My next dealing with Rathbun was nearly two years later. In that time period I had succeeded well enough on doing evaluations and programs for Churches, that the executive strata of CSI promoted me to a high position, Establishment Executive International.  While I did not succeed on that position, Mr. Miscavige, just before leaving for some months, had simply asked me what I wanted to do now and to work it out.

While awaiting my new assignment, Mark Rathbun returned to where I was situated (I had not seen him for some time) and came to see me. He told me I would be getting a confessional and that I better cooperate.  Rathbun had me receive a counseling session, doing a specific type of confessional procedure that resolves why a person would repeatedly commit non-survival or destructive actions.

To deliver this session was one of the highest technically trained persons in the world, his usual post being the Senior Case Supervisor of the Flag Land Base. I was given no reason by Rathbun as to why this auditor was chosen to do this action but I was excited at the prospect of resolving my difficulties on holding posts successfully.

The session I had was utterly revitalizing, with the exact type of result L. Ron Hubbard gives in his bulletins and in technical films.  I felt ready to take on a new post whatever that might be and face whatever I needed to make good on and get on with it. I clearly had a major change and shift of attitude in the session, not displaying any case phenomena that would indicate I was not being straight or honest or being irresponsible.

However, out of the blue, some hours after the session, instead of doing a standard follow-up procedure to take responsibility for making good for any actual damage done to the group, Rathbun confronted me with the huge ramifications or some such wording of what I had done to suppress the Church. I was completely taken aback as it was utterly different than what I had just communicated in the session and was expecting a much different response.

Similar to the previous scenarios with Rathbun, he embellished and exaggerated what I had confessed to doing and made it into a hideous criminal act.  Specifically, he claimed that in my confessing, I had displayed some morose disappointment on having failed on my last post (to one other staff member), that this was tantamount to a mutinous propaganda campaign and that I was an incorrigible saboteur. He alluded to the fact that what he got was straight from the session report from the highly qualified auditor, which served to support his view of what had happened. This was a covert twist and use of  ‘‘truth” to crush any idea that I had, that I had taken any responsibility for my actions and thus I needed to be dealt with in a heavy-handed manner like a criminal.

Rathbun shoved me several times saying  ‘‘we now know where you’re at,” he grabbed me by the shirt, shoved me against the wall and then kicked me in the backside (not painful but humiliating). He then instructed I be given the severest ethics actions of the Church, the administrative handling steps for someone who has committed suppressive acts against the Church and dragged me off to another building.

During the time of this last incident with Rathbun, Mr. Miscavige was not at or near CSI headquarters. Many months later, when it came to Mr. Miscavige’s attention that there were several staff, myself amongst them, who were not assigned to any post, he instructed that this be remedied and I shortly after was reinstated on a post.

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