Is Mark Rathbun running his own op?

Someone copied an article from this blog and emailed it to Mark Rathbun’s juniors.  Of course Marty takes the opportunity to falsely accuse Scientology of attacking him.

However, word on the net is that Rathbun is doing this to his own fellows to gain their support and “prove” that he is under attack by the Church.

What a coincidence that first his site is “hacked”, then his email account is “hacked” and now his juniors are receiving unsolicited emails.

Flunk Marty. Read HCOB The Criminal Mind and then take a look at what you are accusing the Church of doing “against” you.

I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the outcome of the criminal investigation of the alleged hack of your blog and email account.

What if you were wrong, would you post an apology to the Church of Scientology for falsely accusing them?