Mark Rathbun the squirrel strikes another victim

A dear friend of mine today sent me the following write-up and asked me to post it for everyone to see. She is concerned about retaliation from Mark Rathbun so she would rather not say her name for the time being. If she changes her mind I will post her name.

I am a highly trained Scientologist and I am also highly audited. I want to tell you the experience I had with Marty Rathbun. I want to tell you that I contacted him as I was “looking for an advice” on an Ethics matter I ran into, and he was very nice and helpful and seemed very standard at the beginning. I got in comm with Marty more and more, he made me do things with information I sent him and I was ignorant of his actual intentions. Like posting something on his blog I didn’t know he had and when I found out about it, I felt bad with my Scientologist and SO friends, so I felt I made overts against my own group and so I began to withdraw from Scientology more and more until a point I had fights with my family, Scientology family and friends, with whom I have never had any problem with.

I went to Flag and I then told Marty I didn’t see anything wrong and his answer was that I was PTS. How could (this) be his answer if he is trying to put in KSW?

He never told me he was auditing without a C/S, without an examiner, without an E/O, anything. He advised to do the OT Levels without a C/S, outside the Church. How can that be Standard Tech?

I advise you, if you run into him or any one of his friends, to better look for help at your local Church of Scientology and handle the matter from inside your Church. As these guys will only bring you problems, disaffection and broken families.

They are real SPs! And they squirrel! This is advise from someone who was lucky enough to have good friends who help me to get out of the mess I got myself in, because of my naïve attitude. If Marty and his friends ever “advise” you not to go to your Church of Scientology and ask questions as you will “get in trouble” or something like that, I can tell you that is totally False!

I got almost and I say almost declared SP because I believed in him, and my good Scientology friend pulled me out from there and helped me to come to my Church terminals and I got real help, compassion and understanding.

Please follow my good advise! The best thing to do with people like Marty Rathbun is IGNORE HIM and FLOURISH and PROSPER!

I wish you good luck and Keep Scientology Working for the good of all!

One other thing that Marty made me believe, and that he will try to make you believe is that Int Management Staff from my Church are doing things which are (actually) totally false and are his own dramatizations of his own overts. ‘The overt doth speak loudly in accusation!’”