Mark Rathbun the Squirrel

For those who have been around since the early 1980s, like myself, I am leery of this “Independent” concept being pushed by Mark Rathbun. It looks a lot to me like the 1980s revisited. The “Independent” thing sprang out of the black PR campaign that was run starting in the early 1980s about the Church management and about LRH. At that time, the Church of Scientology was under a lot of stress with a multitude of lawsuits through which an unethical attorney was attempting to get millions of dollars. This campaign was the flank for an attempt to splinter the Church and divert the public to the squirrels, spearheaded by David Mayo and associates, who, after blowing, tried to take advantage of the external situation. They also engaged in various campaigns to stir up agencies like the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI in an attempt to cause the collapse of the Church. There was even a takeover attempt by the squirrels of the day through the filing of a billion dollar lawsuit to oust the Church leadership and take over the Church assets.

Looking back, Mayo’s squirrel group fizzled out. It was taken over by a psychologist and became “Metapsychology” (lame) which then also petered out and came to nothing. Another famous squirrel of the era, Bill Robertson (who was completely crazy) and his Sector 9 Galactic Patrol eventually disappeared. The billion dollar class action suit was tossed out of court. And though they pretend to be doing all sorts of tech delivery, the remaining “Freezone” is mainly a bunch of old farts like Terril Park who have no more going for them than the hot air they blow on the Internet.

Like Mark Rathbun and his current incarnation of “Independents”, each of these squirrels make the same claim to be the one who is practicing the “real Scientology” and that they are out “to save the tech” from the Church and “deliver standard tech outside Church control”. To justify this end the 1980s squirrels made all sorts of really wild and disparaging claims about management and LRH, claiming that LRH was being held against his will, he was incapacitated or that he had really died years before and the Church was pretending he was alive and that everything after 1980 was not written by LRH, that the Church was shrinking and collapsing etc., etc., etc. Some of the claims look ridiculous now but were actually bought by some Scientologists who I thought should have known better. These allegations are very similar to the kind of accusations that Rathbun and his “Independents” are throwing around all the time now about the Church.

Rathbun employs justification when it comes to his own tech alterations and non-standard (squirrel) practices. They are concealed behind an artfully crafted barrage of inflammatory accusations about how badly the tech is being misapplied in the Church. The technique is propaganda 101 and goes like this: 1) spread enough entheta and enturbulation to ARC break people with the Church to put them into confusion about their loyalty. 2) Scoop up the ARC broken people as PCs for yourself in order to make a few bucks.

Persons in an ARC broken frame of mind who have their own overts have enough of an ethics blind spot that they can have their stable data shaken, become confused about where their loyalty should lie and then be lead astray. This is actually a technique used by deprogrammers in the old Cult Awareness Network days, which Rathbun knows.

I have read all the postings on Rathbun’s site and sister sites like Scientology-Cult and was upset by what I read. I looked for myself at what products I had personally witnessed that were produced by the Church leadership – not based on second hand accounts.

I then looked for information on Mark Rathbun and then how he was going about what he is doing and base the following on my own conclusions:

1. Mark Rathbun is not ever going to be able to deliver standard Scientology the way he is going about it. Auditing without being certified, C/Sing without ever being trained as a C/S, and even failing to support the legal organizations of Dianetics and Scientology are all a direct violation of the auditor’s code. Auditing on procedures and rundowns you haven’t been trained or high crimed is a complete violation of standard tech – the list goes on.

2. Rathbun knows that he cannot exist without continuing to disparage the Church in order to create ARC Breaks and get people to blow. Without ARC breaking people with the Church, where can he possibly get PCs? I believe this is wrong and is the economic reality of why he continues to try and belittle the Church at any opportunity.

3. He is following the downward pattern I have observed historically in other squirrels. Each of Mark Rathbun’s predecessors altered the tech more and more and as they did, they went further and further off the rails and the tech they were using became more and more altered to the point that you’d have to be a complete fool not to see it. I see the warning signs all around that the same dwindling spiral is at work with Rathbun and his use of self-anointed “Independents” who he aggrandizes on his website.

4. While it sounds impressive to pronounce someone to be “Independent Timbuktu”, in reality, it is no more than a name on Rathbun’s website – an anti-Church propaganda gimmick to try and show there is something happening in these different locations. There is nothing to any of these “Independents” – no structure, no delivery and no public. The only public they could ever get would be other cast-offs from the Church, which is parasitic.

Lastly, I see from his treatment of people on his blog that there is no “independence” if you have some other viewpoint than that of Rathbun and his clique, you will be on the outs and will see his true colors and you will get attacked.