Martin Padfield – Whose Loss?

I knew Martin Padfield when he was at Int, and I must say I quite liked him. He was an outgoing and inquisitive person and generally fun to be around. Found him bit of a flirt though.

I am genuinely saddened that he has chosen to go down the path of turning his back on LRH and his Church. I am saddened too for his daughter – she will most likely have chosen that family assuming she had decent parents who would take good care of her and bring her up as a Scientologist. I am sure she didn’t plan on growing up with a couple of SPs.


Although his apparently candid write up seems well thought out, here are some of the things he has failed to look at.

In 28 years Martin did not get up the Bridge, nor did he get trained. That is an outpoint. Most people get a hell of a lot further up the Bridge in 28 years than Martin did. Even the most on-the-fringe dilettante Scientologists get further than he did. While he is free to assign cause for that wherever he chooses, the actual truth is that Martin never did more than dabble with Scientology, and that has been his decision alone.

Martin complains that when he went to Flag in 2001 with 50 hours in credit, all he got was sec checking. Unlikely as it may seem, let’s take that as a true statement of what happened, and let’s even assume that he didn’t need all that sec checking  and that it was out tech and it was arbitrary.

If it was wrong that Martin should have been sec checked, then why does he just dub-in that COB was somehow directly and personally responsible?

There have been arbitraries on the Bridge. We all know that. Perhaps this sec checking was an example of arbitraries in action. After all, this is right at the time that Marcus Brutus Rathbun was strutting his stuff at Flag – a read it, drill it, do it Class 12!!

If there were arbitraries in force it is more than likely these were courtesy of Marcus Brutus Rathbun. He was always a fan of sec checking and on at least 20 people that I know personally, he executive C/Sed them onto sec checks and off their Bridge actions. He personally ordered me into a sec check in the middle of my OT 3 – he was paranoid and his favorite question was “Who are you working for?” Before going to Flag he had just screwed up the Int Base with his version of metered ethics interviews.

Since 2005, after Marcus Brutus had blown for the third and last time, extensive work has been done to get arbitraries removed. These days the line up is very different. PCs are gotten through very thorough TRs and Objectives and with those basics in, are then whisked up the Grades and on to Clear. They are real products. And they continue on up the Bridge. Getting up the Bridge has never been smoother, faster, cheaper or more certain.  And, if they need sec checking (and some do) they get that too.

Martin claims to have researched what is going on. Has he really looked? In the last couple of weeks Flag have had to open up a new HGC to cater for the people flooding up the Bridge as the other HGCs are maxed out. Instead of looking at what the current line up and products are, why does Martin dub-in that things are still the way they were when he had a bad experience almost 9 years ago?

One reason is that Marcus Brutus Rathbun rails against the current line up. To him it is simply more evidence that COB is trying to destroy the tech. And unfortunately Martin sees things the way Marcus Brutus says they are, and not because he has actually and honestly looked.

It causes bit of a conundrum. If you can’t get up the Bridge it is because COB is putting arbitrary stops in the way – if you can get up the Bridge then it is because COB has introduced quickying.  Even to the most unskilled evaluator, something seems to be wrong with this logic.  But this is exactly the way Marcus Brutus thinks, because to him everything anywhere is COB’s fault and it is all wrong.

The bottom line is that Martin didn’t research anything. He looked for and found natter that seemed to justify his personal failures as a Scientologist. Rather than confront the fact that he has been off-purpose and a dilettante, he has latched onto the lies to somehow make himself right and everyone else wrong.

In case you think I am being harsh, look at what Martin says he did on the Bridge most recently. In his own words, “I did a few courses and then ran into DMSMH again. Well, first of all I got it the first time …”

Well now, doesn’t that statement speak volumes. I have read many policies numerous times and each time I find something new I had not seen before, or get a new understanding. And everyone I know says the same thing.

Everyone I have spoken to about DMSMH and the other Basic Books has said how much more they got out of them – even those who have done them for the second, third or fourth time. Except Martin.

How someone can say of an entire 500 page book “I got it the first time” beggars belief.  Got what?  The Title?  To me that is arrogance supreme, and evidence that in fact he really didn’t get it at all.  If he really got it, he should have no problems applying it.  Perhaps he will come on this site and tell us how many hours of Book 1 he has audited and what results he has obtained applying the tech in the 28 years after first reading the book. I fear the truth is that Martin didn’t get it the first time, has never applied the tech and was not man enough to own up to that the second time he was confronted by the book.  Maybe that has something to do with why he has not made Clear yet

Rather than clear up his MUs – rather than get his ethics in so tech would go in – he instead goes looking for reasons to justify his failures.

Look at it this way – even if he is right and there are things to be handled in the church he still has to clear up his MUs on DMSMH, he still has to get his OWs off so he can make some case gain, and he still has to run NED before he can go Clear.  He still has to do the Basics so he can actually become a Scientologist and apply the tech in his life.   By doing what he has done it  just means that he now has to do steps A-E before he can honestly get on with it.

Of course, if he just wants to just be told he is in-ethics and a ‘good chap’, and that he has been Natural Clear all along, and certified as a Class V auditor after reading it, drilling it, and having a go,  then he should just stay right where he is – coz that is the kind of tech that he will get.

Finally, Martin, don’t be so petty and silly about disconnection amd worry that people will disconnect from you – after all, you have just disconnected from the Church.

Martin – wake up and smell the roses. There are more people than ever going up the Bridge. There are more people than ever on course and flying.

Don’t drag your daughter down with you. Be a man and correct the error of your ways.