Marty and Monique Rathbun

Mosey and Tony Ortega

We’ve been wondering lately about Marty Rathbun’s flair for self-promotion and whether the so-called “guru” of Bulverde, Texas is more content indulging in showmanship than he is in guiding his clients on the path to self-knowledge.

A look at Rathbun’s blog shows a couple of vanity books he has authored, a self-idolizing photo of himself – dressed in his classic Southern “good old boy” look – and a page from a magazine in which he appeared.

We’re curious if Rathbun uses these images as marketing tools to sell books or to attract media notoriety since he obviously likes the attention of hostile Scientology media outlets.

Or, perhaps he feels that they give him a stamp of approval – a measure of gravitas – among his clients, a group that is characterized by infighting, backbiting and whose loyalties seem to shift with the tide.

At any rate, Rathbun is a busy man these days – penning a new book, taking calls from the press and attacking L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology by linking to his sometime pals Tony Ortega and John Sweeney.

It does appear, however, that Rathbun has been trying to chill out of late as he discusses philosophy and literature in his blog postings, rambling entries that often run far afield from the altered tech that used to be at the core of his counseling.

Maybe he and wife Monique “Mosey” Rathbun, who many call Marty’s accomplice in his delivery of altered tech, are still getting used to their land-locked Texas compound, no doubt pining for the balmy breezes wafting off the Gulf outside their previous home where they could easily throw a line in the water or take a boat out on the bay.

Those seaside surroundings also served as a little bonus for counseling clients who, after an altered tech session, could unwind by joining their “guru” on a little fishing expedition.

Recreation wise, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do in Bulverde. Then again, there’s always New Orleans, Rathbun’s favorite “steam valve release” destination and, after all, Mardi Gras is just around the corner.

But the Crescent City might just engender some bad memories for the couple.

While we don’t see any point in dredging up the past, we are reminded that the Big Easy was where they spent their honeymoon, a tawdry and embarrassing episode in which Rathbun wound up getting cuffed in an alley for drunk and disorderly conduct while Mosey drunkenly danced the night away in a Bourbon St. hole in the wall, getting groped by fellow patrons.

At any rate, even a “guru” deserves a break, and maybe that’s what Rathbun and Mosey are doing these days, just chilling.  We can only imagine the domestic bliss in the Rathbun household as Mosey cooks the meals and does the dishes while her “hubby” pecks away on the computer, working on his next vanity publication masterpiece.

Where this leaves Rathbun’s clients is anyone’s guess.

Counseling wise, maybe they’ve gone off to find greener pastures and another “guru,” one who doesn’t seem so dispersed and who doesn’t require the fawning adulation that Marty Rathbun has come to expect. Rathbun always thought highly of himself – so highly that he often tends to look down on people.

It’s a phenomenon that some call “Going Hollywood,” when someone is so impressed with themselves it goes right to their heads.

In rural Texas it would probably be called “getting too big for your britches.”

It’s an attitude that’s easy to detect, and it could definitely be an impediment to attracting new or repeat counseling clients.