Marty Rathbun and his squirrel flock

An old timer sent in the following article:

Marty Rathbun has been trying to promote how wonderful he makes his clients feel. He uses his “PCs” to front for him and tell the “wins” they are having with the squirrel tech used by Marty.

Let’s go back to Marty Rathbun. What are his “techniques”? He sits with them and freely exchanges natter and motivators and sob stories about their failed lives as Church members over a few tequilas. This “gets them into ARC” and shows what a “good listener” he is.

When Rathbun does take them into session, he’s careful to make them right for having blown the Church after creating messes for themselves, and they seem to confuse this relief from consequences with “standard tech.” And when they’re in session with Marty, they don’t have to worry about having their actual cases impinged upon. That would be “arbitrary.”

And none of his PC’s ever have to worry about overts and withholds. Marty doesn’t pull them, and doesn’t write them down even if someone offers them up. Besides, whatever corroded antique meters he’s using wouldn’t pick up the reads anyway.

Marty ensures his PCs know it’s OK to just go out and enjoy life and make postulates about theta things, and not be concerned about those “OT levels” because (as he goes to great lengths to persuade people) they aren’t real anyway. Only Marty Rathbun’s brand of natter-validated, alcohol-consuming, 2D-challenged “OT’s” is the “real” one.

They are then each carefully coached on writing up how wonderful Marty is so he can publish it on his website.

Of course, none of these people have the faintest inkling about what is standard tech and what isn’t. Otherwise they wouldn’t ask for services from someone who doesn’t believe in or use things like FESes, Exams, or even C/Sing. And they surely wouldn’t sit down with an auditor who didn’t use current, certified meters.

What Rathbun doesn’t mention however is that, like all squirrels, he doesn’t get people into Scientology and up the Bridge. He simply scavenges the nuts that have fallen off the tree.

The only people who want to hear anything Rathbun has to say are people who already know that he shares their criticisms of the Church. So even squirrel Marty knows that he couldn’t interest a new person in something he has worked so desperately to destroy altogether.

I mean would you want Rathbun to approach you and talk to you about Scientology or anything else for that matter? Especially at an airport?

“ …these guys up there are attacking me. Where’s your C/S? Where’s your examiner? Where’s this big booming org of yours? I don’t have a big, booming org. I’m bare-assed in the woods down in South Texas.”Marty Rathbun