Marty Rathbun and His Squirrel Personality Cult

You would expect someone who holds himself up as an authority on a subject to have trained, apprenticed and even proved his abilities in that subject.

This is not the case with Marty Rathbun. Yes, he not only holds himself up as an authority on Scientology Tech, he blithely promotes himself as one who has superior “conceptual understanding of the philosophy.”

But Marty Rathbun has not been certified as an auditor in Scientology, nor as a Course Supervisor, nor as a Case Supervisor. He does have a proven track record as a self-admitted squirrel (alterer of the Tech) and has left a string of mangled cases behind him requiring years of repair hours by true, trained technical personnel. In recent years, his “auditing” products have reverted to drugs, become engaged in various forms of out-ethics behavior, and in some cases decided they never wanted any more “auditing” at all.

But looking at those facts rather than listening to Rathbun’s glowing portrayal of himself is difficult for those who have rejected the actual Standard Tech devised by LRH, and have already subscribed to Rathbun’s cult of personality. They are happy to have him as High Priest Interpreter of tech for them.

It is a testament to the truth and workability of Scientology that someone can take a small corner of it and even applying it poorly can bring about a win in his fellow man.

Perhaps this is what Rathbun is counting on when he picks and chooses which parts of Scientology Tech to keep, and which to ignore. He has even encouraged debate on which parts of Keeping Scientology Working are to be kept in his cult, and which aren’t.

Rathbun has never worked in a service org, eschews Overts and Withholds technology, and has no problem with the squirrel definition of a floating needle being a needle that “ just looks kind of floaty”.

Yet he promotes himself as a Case Supervisor, which begs the question, “how do you C/S someone’s auditing if you don’t believe in keeping complete worksheets ?”  Those who know C/Sing tech know that the pc folder is all that a C/S has to work with. An old computing datum comes to mind when considering Rathbun’s approach to C/Sing and folder study: “garbage in = garbage out.”

But as you would expect from such cult members, they are pleased with the blessings of a C/S who doesn’t require Exams, and from all reports Rathbun won’t subject his own “auditing” products to them either.

None of this is surprising. Marty Rathbun also held himself up as an authority on legal matters and administration in general, but could claim no products other than those produced by others on a bypass of him. In fact, he freely admitted that instead of “handling” matters, his operating basis was one of creating and perpetuating conflict (when not actively sabotaging real, producing staff auditors he feared would find him out.)

While Scientology makes the able more able, Marty Rathbun makes the squirrels more squirrely.