Marty Rathbun and the Idle Shack current state of affairs

We would like to thank the individuals who have been sending us information about Marty Rathbun and the “Independents”.

Things with the “Independents” didn’t really start to unravel until recently.

For example:

– Tom Tobin and Joe Childs dropped by the Rinder house when everyone started arriving for the wedding, and although they could not be persuaded to stay for the ceremony and the rest of the drunken festivities as they would have liked, they assured everyone that they were still working on other negative Scientology stories.  An insider heard all that and took a photograph while arriving at the house looking for parking. By the way, when do you think the last time was that Tobin and Childs dropped by the Church to pose with friends at the Church for photographs? Can the St. Petersburg Times even spell “biased?”

– Known to only a few close underlings, Rathbun was secretly in the midst of putting together a declaration for the now dismissed Marc Headley lawsuit.  Rathbun was making all sorts of claims about how devastating this was going to be for the Church as he worked and re-worked the wording to try and make it as threatening as possible. So consumed in his desire to destroy the Church, Rathbun failed to notice that what he wrote had hardly anything to do with the issues in the case.

But the shit was about to hit the fan for Rathbun and the “Independents”. First was his decision to have Rinder stop waiting for John Sweeney, with whom Rinder had an exclusive interview deal worked out. Instead they decided “to hell with waiting for John Sweeney and the BBC” and they put together a deal for Rinder (along with Christie Collbran and wannabe bodyguard Haydn James) to be flown down to Australia by Bryan Seymour and put up in luxury hotels for a week in exchange for an interview and some secret meetings with Senator Xenophon who wants to ban Scientology altogether in Australia.  While they were out of the country, Rathbun got busted in New Orleans. He blew his image as the Martin Luther of the Indys.

Paul and Jacki Bourgeois and Brett and Jeannette Haugen, who were covertly cavorting with declared SPs (Mike Rinder and household), finally got declared by the Church after they unwisely attended the same 4th of July festivities. Unfortunately for them, someone at the party must have fingered them to the Church.  Rathbun and Rinder were heard nattering that the Bourgeois and Haugens were cowards for not just coming out as Indies because in the end it took the Church issuing declares for them to finally grow enough balls to admit where their true loyalties lay.  So much for being “Independent.”  Both couples then blew Florida for greener pastures in Colorado. (We’ve heard that Paul Bourgeois is apparently hiding his address in Colorado to escape from certain bill collectors.)

Privately Rathbun was not pleased that they both received auditing from squirrel Pierre Ethier, who Rathbun cannot stand and says is an arrogant prick.  John Nunez said that Ethier is so fat and unhealthy that he can’t even stay awake during an auditing session. A close observer says that Marty is upset because Ethier is taking away client business from Marty.

Speaking of John Nunez, most of the “Independents” were absolutely shocked when he showed up and stayed for a couple of weeks at Mike Rinder’s house after taking advantage of Mareka James.  Mareka was living at Rinder’s house along with Haydn, Lucy, Katerina and Katerina’s fiancé, Anthony Machalek.

Nunez was so cheap that he had poor Mareka travel all the way across the country by bus to see him in Sacramento, it was evident that he wasn’t planning to continue this relationship.  Since then Mareka has been heard saying that Nunez is an SP, and she is right.

By the time the 4th of July party had rolled around, Mareka (who is being called a “slut” behind her back by various jealous female “Independents”) was trying to recover from her just ended relationship with Nunez.  She hooked up with John Brousseau, who had just terminated relationship with another Rathbun’s fan club by the name of Mariella Hosseini.

You can see from the photographs from the 4th of July that Sylvia Kusada, was also apparently on the hunt for a 2D and was seen flirting with Brousseau.  In several photographs she is leaning over, overly obvious about trying to expose her attributes to the males present.

All this 2D nonsense came to a head when poor Mariella realized how Brousseau was dumping her in favor of a woman half her age.  Mariella was extremely upset and wrote a report which at least Rinder and Rathbun received but to this day have taken no action except for Rathbun making some lame references to the matter on his blog in a vague posting about the “Second Dynamic.”   Marty had just gotten out of jail himself after the drunken binge he had been on since his marriage in Clearwater.  After his own moral lapse why would any “Independents” listen to what Rathbun has to say about Ethics??

Rathbun had been on his soapbox making dire predictions about the demise of the Church which he claimed was going to be dealt a severe blow by mid July.  This evaporated in an alcoholic stupor in a New Orleans jail sell.  Rathbun’s declaration in the Headley case was a dud.  Rinder’s paid for show with Bryan Seymour was a dud.  The latest BBC show was a dud.

The “Independents”, after almost two years of empty promises, are realizing that no one is going to step up to the plate and put an organization there outside the Church that will delivery Scientology. There’s even been grumblings on Rathbun’s blog from certain followers like Tom Martiniano and a few others about the fact that they want to do something to handle “planetary dissemination,” and all they get told by Rinder and Rathbun is “go ahead” while they privately badmouthing Tom for being “all talk but never getting off his fat rear end.”

The lack of results on the PCs that Rathbun has audited has been astounding. Christie Collbran, one of his first PCs, still gets frequent migraines and spends hours every week getting acupuncture treatments instead of assists.

Another of Rathbun’s PCs, Lucy James, has also come down with an illness which has been incapacitating her at times.

Haydn James’ morale has gone so low that he hasn’t been able to find a job and is essentially broke.   He was one of Rathbun’s first experimental PCs.

Silvia Kusada a.k.a. Silvia Malatesta, one of Marty’s guinea pigs, is busy spinning herself in on her own un-C/S’d self auditing.  Silvia father’s, Ennio Malatesta, was involved in a violent deprogramming with Ted Patrick. Malatesta has a history of violence. More to come.

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why Mike Rinder never seems to work that’s because he is actually getting paid to attack the Church, that’s his full time employment at the moment.  Whether or not he plans on reporting these under the table “donations” to the IRS as income is yet to be seen.

To be continued …