Marty Rathbun and the Squirrelettes

After two years of sitting around and doing nothing but moaning and whining, one of Marty Rathbun’s fellow squirrels has finally decided to try his hand at training students.  No, this is not a joke, the squirrels seriously announced this like it was some major accomplishment for the coming year.

As could be predicted, Marty Rathbun has proclaimed this ramshackle set up to be an on Source, KSW course room. But, as we all know, aside from being a consummate liar, Rathbun has been forced to say this as he is desperately trying to save face after we on this blog have continually rubbed his nose in the fact that the squirrels have no stats.

In truth, everyone outside Marty Rathbun’s squirrel clique is a total failure and they have been faking that they want anything to do with the delivery or dissemination of Scientology. Otherwise they would have done something over the past two years instead of only complaining about “how bad it all is over there.”  It has taken being embarrassed by this blog about the squirrels having no stats to get them to do anything at all.

After quite some searching on the Internet, I think I’ve finally pinpointed the farm house where the squirrel course room is supposed to be located. It was not easy to find – about halfway between Tallahassee and Podunk, Georgia.  I promise to post some photos if we ever get around to sending someone out to get a look.

According to a posting by one of Marty Rathbun’s fellow squirrels who is involved in this set up, they are particularly interested in getting anyone who was declared a Suppressive Person to come and be a student.  I’m serious, they’ve actually said that.

On a cursory glance I’ve already spotted some major violations of HCOPL What Is A Course? – even before the place opens up!  For example:

The squirrels say, “The Course room can not supply you with your Checksheet or Pack”.  That’s the first violation of What Is A Course?

Apparently, you can get a squirrel checksheet by downloading one that has been re-written by a known squirrel who was already declared an SP for seriously altering Scientology.  Now he has altered Scientology’s course checksheets that were in use in the 1980s and has labeled them as his own publication.

Since the squirrels don’t have all the materials and don’t even have standardized checksheets, how could this be a standard course room?  Right there you’re violating What is a Course? and KSW #1. Because the squirrels are not providing materials they are suggesting that people covertly buy the materials from Bridge Publications or from the Church so they will have them available to study.  They’re just stacking up more and more overts all the time.

What are they going to do if they ever do get someone through meter drills and, heaven forbid, have one of their student squirrels turned lose on a PC? OMG!

I seriously, seriously, seriously doubt they’re going to get even one person to complete a course, even an altered squirrel version. They’ve gotten zero interest from the other Independent squirrels who have already accumulated so many Mis-Us that they’ve blown Scientology.  Most of their prospective clientele are swimming in unhandled overts stemming from Mis-Us and are completely blown so don’t want to have anything to do with a couple of squirrel nut cases out in the middle of the southern woods of Georgia.

If the squirrels actually do get a student and he actually does make it through one of their squirrel checksheets, he is going to have to audit as part of his checksheet. But there’s no Student C/S, no Co-Audit Supervisor, no Senior C/S and no Cramming Officer to correct the student auditor flubs (and to correct Supervisor flubs) or Ethics Officer to keep their ethics in.  As a result, he’s got about as much chance as becoming a skilled auditor as I do of becoming President.

The squirrels are also saying that you can bring your own checksheet.  Now, that’s real standard.

They obviously think that by saying they are not a Church, by not copying or supplying materials and being very careful to pretend they are not charging for courses, they can avoid the copyright-trademark infringement problem.  ”Judge, we are not selling and delivering courses. Actually, we are charging students for the use of the space where the students are studying their courses and we are charging for the length of time they are on their courses, that our Supervisor is getting them through.”

I look forward to publishing any reports about the gross out-tech that we are sure to find if the squirrels ever do get a student dumb enough to go there.  I can’t wait.

BTW did you see Marty Rathbun’s latest video where he is wearing a cowboy hat? I am sure we’re soon going to be seeing more signs that Marty has now gone into the valence of Marshall Reuben J. Cogburn of “True Grit” fame.  Last time it was Thomas Paine and the time before it was Martin Luther, wasn’t it?