Marty Rathbun: Anti-Scientologist & Anti-LRH

Marty Rathbun has claimed from day one that he is a Scientologist and that he is pro-LRH.  In fact, more than that, he claims that he is one of the few who are really 100% Scientologists and really true friends to LRH.

Can this possibly be true?  He certainly asserts it often enough. There seem to be a few acolytes around him who accept this as truth.

Could it be that Marty Rathbun is in fact right, and that the Church and
those say he is an anti are wrong?

Or is Marty Rathbun just saying that he is a Scientologist and is pro LRH as his only means to ensnare new victims?

Well, how about you work it out for yourself.

Before you do, there has to be a basic agreement; a bottom line stable datum that is indisputably true.  For the purposes of this exercise, the stable datum is this.  Scientology is the application of LRH Tech (Ethics, Tech and Admin).

In other words, Scientology is doing what LRH says should be done. If you do what LRH says then you are a Scientologist.  And conversely, if you are a Scientologist then you do what LRH says to do in any given situation.

Of course this is not an absolute.  No one could be expected to apply all LRH Tech all the time perfectly.  So also included in the understanding of what constitutes a Scientologist is the fact that a Scientologist can be corrected if he is doing something wrong, or failing to apply some tech correctly.  This willingness to change, to be better, to improve conditions, is an integral part of being a Scientologist and is what LRH expects, as covered in the Ethics tech, all the correction lists and debug tech, and in everything related to Qual.

Finally, to get a balanced view of whether something is Scientology or not, everything LRH said, has to be taken into account.   So, pulling one line out of context and claiming that is the extent of Scientology, or LRH’s only purpose, does not count as a balanced view. I only point these things out because it is a typical nut-job trick to find something wherein, for example, LRH says, “Make money” and then claim that proves that his only purpose was to make money.  Of course any individual, group, charity or collective has to make money.  If they don’t they will succumb.  But because they make money does not mean that is their sole activity or the only goal they have. You know what I am talking about.   One policy or order to one section in one department has to be viewed against all orders to all sections in all 21 departments of a standard organization.

So let’s look at Rathbun and see if he fits the definition of a Scientologist, or someone who is pro LRH.  I can give some quiz questions, but I urge anyone capable of independent thought to simply look at what Marty Rathbun does and ask of themselves, “Is what Rathbun is doing on-Policy or off-Policy; is it in-Tech our out-Tech; is it in-Ethics or out-Ethics?”

What does LRH say a Scientologist should do if they have disagreements with management?  What does he say they should not do?

What does LRH say people should do who feel they have suffered an injustice?  What does he say they should not do?

What exact code does LRH lay down, starting with Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health and refined several times, and insist that every auditor apply no matter what? What does he say about people who violate the auditor’s code?

What does LRH say about publicly attacking the Church or fellow Scientologists?

What does he say about squirreling?

What does LRH say about C/Sing cases and reviewing cases?  What does he say about auditors, or anyone else for that matter, who do not keep worksheets or send required information to the pc folder?

What does LRH say about safeguarding the technology?

The answers to all of the above are contained in the Scientology Scriptures.

This quiz can go on and on and on.  Try it, using anything said or advocated by Marty Rathbun, and EVERY TIME you will come up with the fact that he does NOT apply LRH Admin Tech, Auditing Tech, C/Sing Tech or Ethics Tech.

Because he does not apply the tech, Rathbun is NOT a Scientologist. Because he squirrels the tech, attacks the tech and undermines the tech, he proves that he is not just anti-LRH but that he is an LRH hater.  Marty Rathbun does NOT correct.  He does not take responsibility, but prefers to blame.  He is not working to make himself more of a Scientologist – he is becoming more and more squirrel as time goes by – eventually he will fail at that too and become just a Scientologist and LRH hater.

Marty Rathbun only claims to be a Scientologist as that is what gives him any power he thinks he has.  If it were not for the fact that he did at one time work for the Church of Scientology, Marty Rathbun would be a nothing, a zero.

Marty Rathbun has to say he is a Scientologist, and that he is pro-LRH. It is the only currency he has.  But it is a lie.