Marty Rathbun Can’t Stop Stopping

Not many people know what a “Type S being” is.  LRH defined a Type S being in HCOPL 12 August 1968

“A Type S being is so devoted to stopping something that he has no time or energy to actually do his job.”

Sound familiar? Have you ever seen anyone as devoted to stopping something as Marty Rathbun is to stopping Scientology? As devoted to undoing Church “management” as Rathbun is? As devoted to keeping or getting people off the Bridge as Rathbun is?

LRH illuminates this Type S being further:

“We have long said that people never did nothing.  They were always doing something.  If they weren’t doing their jobs they were not doing nothing.  They were for sure doing something else.”

You might think LRH was directly describing Marty Rathbun’s tenure in the Church, particularly his last few years.

By Rathbun’s own admission, he not only failed to produce anything on post, but was doing something else – creating flaps for others to handle, all while falsely posturing as a solution instead of the problem creator, which he was. From botched Legal Affairs matters, damaged relations with outside agencies, bad PR in the court system and investigations blocked to obscure his own crimes.

These were the “nothings” that Rathbun was really doing on post.  All of these were desperately disguised efforts by Rathbun to STOP.

LRH continues:

“I have found what I believe it must be – they are stopping something.

“There is an exact point where a thetan goes mad.  It is not a broad gradient.  It is an exact point.  It is the point when a thetan begins to be devoted to stopping something.

“At this point also he ceases to do a job or carry out cycles of action.

“He can’t move through a cycle of action because, you see, he is stopping something.

“The manifestations that grow out of this are nearly infinite. They sum up to a person being a liability on any post of responsibility as he uses his authority merely to stop the thing he is devoted to stopping.”

“As he is still clever in a way, he can give the wildest and most varied appearance of being busy at his job, but the end product is routinely a flub.”

That is the story of Marty Rathbun on post. His “products” were routinely flubs at best, overtly destructive episodes and catastrophes-averted-by-others at worst. And all the while Marty Rathbun was giving a “most varied appearance of being busy at his job.”   But Rathbun was eventually found out and dismissed from the Church. His destructive actions had reached a fever pitch, and even Rathbun (who had many years of practice fooling others about his real intentions and activities) could no longer hide the fact that he was madly stopping, stopping, stopping everything that might help the Church and Scientology succeed.

LRH elaborated more on this subject:

“The thing he is stopping has begun to generalize in quality so he stops many things without realizing what he is trying to stop.

“As he becomes more stupid he then begins to act irrationally and exhibits what could be easily seen as insanity.  Getting even (revenge) is a method of stopping things by making others guilty of doing things or having done things.”

Noticed Marty Rathbun or any of his followers acting as described above?   Could Rathbun be gathering OTHER stop-specialists around him? Mike Rinder for sure.

“You can realize how far this goes when you see a thetan doing himself in to prove he is right.  A thetan has been known to sit tens of millions of years, immobilized, just to prove he is right by showing he has been “done in.”

“All this begins by being devoted to stopping things.

“The manifestations are continual flubs, bad or no job performance, incomplete cycles of action …”

“Somewhere along the line he’ll come right.  BUT until he does he is a pc and should not be on org lines until he is cured of the basics of his obsession.  Why?  Because they stop others, covertly or overtly, from getting anything done.”

Meanwhile, Marty Rathbun has taken his Stop Everything act public, and still isn’t producing anything of value, just efforts to stop.

He fabricates, natters, motivates, plays with various disreputable propaganda techniques, and pays lip service to delivering “standard tech.” But it’s all still an effort to madly STOP.

Does Rathbun do anything else? Anything but spend his waking hours (and probably his dreams) to stopping Scientology and LRH’s Organizations?  Sure, he goes drinking or fishing, or both, whenever the “pressure” of having to madly stop things gets to be too much (which is daily from reports we’ve received.)

But Rathbun can’t hide any more. Everything he says and everything he does can be clearly seen as a manifestation that Marty just can’t stop stopping things.

Don’t let Marty Rathbun even let you think about being stopped.