Marty Rathbun, Chief Spy Catcher

Marty Ratbhun Chief Spy Catcher

I don’t know if you’ve read it, but there has been some hilarious stuff on the spy articles.

After Marty, Mike and Steve Hall did their checklist on how to catch Church spies, their reading public saw spies all around them and freaked out.

One guy decided to “come out” in amongst all this – a guy called Bruce Clark.

Well Karen de la Alien decided to set him a challenge to prove he really was a genuine squirrel, and then Steve Hall, co-author of the spy catching article, decided to have a moment of glory and got on an extreme rant at the guy and berated, invalidated, bullbaited and cremated him in a most entertaining way.

(His comments are below under Hall’s Rant.   It’s really eye wateringly good reading, full of the most glaring outpoints and demonstration of an SP’s mind in hyperdrive.)

Because of all the enturbulation he had caused with his first article, Marty wrote a second article cautioning his squirrels against witch hunts, and telling them that the main thing they were to look out for was 1.1s.

What a fool!  What else are squirrels going to see when they look at one another!  Talk about making them paranoid, and adding fuel to the fire!

Anyway, that is the background.  The hilarity for today is this:-

Some guy responds to Marty’s second article and says that Marty’s original Spy catching article blew the social veneer off the squirrels, who become “their old selves”  and started attacking and scratching one another in a very 1.1 way.  He feels that the entheta in the comments was a bit much – even for squirrels.

Well, Steve Hall obviously felt that this was directed at him personally and that he had to defend himself for the previous day’s rants.

And so he responds as follows:-  (BTW – all the “nattering” Bruce did was failing to natter adequately about DM, as you will see below in Steve Hall’s rants).

Thoughtful (AKA Steve Hall)

No one “went back to their old selves.” No one said the guy was a spy. We just confronted him on his behavior and requested he clear the matter up. He didn’t and instead started nattering. He got confronted on that too. If you found that distasteful, then you probably misunderstand what was being done. Without hard evidence, there is no way to know who is a spy. But you can know a person’s actions and there is everything right with having the courage to say what you have observed.


In response to Hall’s justifications, someone called Just Me responded to him thus:-


Just Me


I did not care for what you did. Or how you did it. I also don’t care what you say it was or was not. If you ever try to do that to me or anyone here who is a friend of mine, I will reach across the ether and slap your eyeballs off.

Just Me


Ain’t these guys priceless!   Right on Just Me.  I like you already!


Later on in response to another comment Steve Hall feels the need to continue justifying.

Thoughtful (AKA Steve Hall)

Good comments Tony. And I’d like to make clear I never said that guy was a plant.  We have to stick with what we can actually observe. If someone refuses to criticize Miscavige, if someone says “I was a victim so you should trust me,” we don’t know if he’s a spy. But we can say, “Hey, that’s spy behavior. Please say clearly what you think of Miscavige.” If the guy won’t answer, that’s his problem. He’s been given every chance.


And Steve Hall thinks he is capable of independent thought?  This A=A  and natter is the new found joy and freedom?

This whole debate about whether Bruce was a squirrel or a plant went on and on, with all the squirrels pitching in to have their say.   Some real idiot summed it all up beautifully with this sage comment.

It was a thing of beauty to watch. Not necessarily easy for me, but it was beautiful. Because it was such interesting behavior on both parts, Steve and Bruce. The responses were off. That’s all I can say. The responses, in total, in retrospect, did not really follow either the typical spy behaviors nor did they follow those of someone who is truly well intentioned. Spy? Dunno. Spy behavior observed? Definitely. Non spy behavior observed? Probably. Did it get sorted out? Not that I saw. Did anything happen to cause anyone to change tactics? Not here.

Now there is a really sharp thinker for you!  Must have been personally trained by Mike Rinder.


Steve Hall’s Rant

Here is the Steve Hall Rant for your amusement.  Bruce has just come out as a squirrel and announced himself to the group as an independent.   However, he has committed the cardinal sin of failing to call DM an SP, which is what sets Steve off.   Enjoy!

Thoughtful (AKA Steve Hall)

Bruce, thank you for providing numerous real-time examples of characteristics laid out in this very blog including “Name dropping in a sort of creepy way” in your first comment. And you didn’t answer Karen’s questions, particularly violating the point about reserved criticism of Miscavige. All you needed to do was state your opinion. Instead, you beat around the bush and ran sideways into the weeds.

Furthermore, if your comments on this thread “stir things up” then something is wrong. Everyone please take note: Itsa actually BLOWS charge; it doesn’t “stir things up.” (Steve can’t differentiate between itsa and natter.)

People who post on this blog feel joy and a greater sense of freedom as a result. But not you.

Marty asked for no witch hunts. So you put on a witch costume, light yourself on fire, and then run through our midst with your arms flapping? If you are not a DM spy already I’m sure DM will hire you in a flash. You already have the complete behavior down to a tee.

It seems as thought several individuals have granted you tentative acceptance. Perhaps they weren’t paying close attention. Perhaps tomorrow you will have better luck and posting here won’t drag you down so.

By the way, if any of this doesn’t make sense it’s because I just ate a bad taco, snorted some glue and had a brain operation.

Normally I don’t post my observations on plants. But in this case, considering the subject and here’s this guy invalidating by example the very things we are talking about, I thought I’d speak up.

You can vindicate yourself any time you please. Just answer Karen’s questions and use the word “Miscavige” in your answers. It ain’t hard to do.


Bruce Clark

I’m thinking you either didn’t read my whole response (which you comment contradicts) or are a very nasty person. Hope it’s the first.


Thoughtful (AKA Steve Hall)

I’ve noted you still haven’t said anything against Miscavige but now I’m “a nasty person.” Well, sure enough — to trolls and DM bots I am indeed the poster child of nasty.

Now I’m adding missed withhold to the long list of crazy outpoints that you are displaying on this blog.

. . .

Yet you have nothing negative so say about David Miscavige — the very person responsible for your tragedy and the very core of what this blog is all about.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

The most basic thing about this blog that it is about the corruption of all things by David Miscavige.

You’ve had a death in your family. All you have to do is clearly connect that dot to Miscavige. And you have refused to do it so far.

If you won’t do that, you have no business here. You’re either cooperating with them, working for them, or too PTS to be of any use to anyone including most of all yourself.


Well, thanks for the hatting Steve!

Any future plants will know for sure that to pass your test all they have to do is blame DM for everything, everywhere, all the time, and for that they gain entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

And, of, course, not to set themselves on fire before arriving at the gates!

Kissing and Making Up

In case any of the above has upset anyone with the violent language and nastiness and so on, I thought I’d show that not all squirrels are mean and nasty, even when they are slapping each other’s eyeballs out.   They do it with love and understanding

Tony DePhillips wrote about the “Bruce incident” and said that Bruce was 1.1 (for not blaming DM for everything) and had played a sympathy card by mentioning the death of his son.

This “sympathy card” was a 1.1 ploy to solicit sympathy from the squirrels, many of whom obligingly sympathized – including one called Laura Ann.

Read and learn how mutual propitiation is the universal squirrel solvent.

Laura Ann


You said, “Then, when called on it, have all the sympathy cases come to the 1.1?s “rescue”.”

I guess you are referring to myself and the others who felt bad for Bruce that his son commited suicide.

I’ve never been called a “sympathy case” before. That’s a new one.

Gee, I guess I better watch which tone levels I manifest. NOT!

No One is going to bully me into Being a certain way or Thinking and Saying what I am supposed to, to be accepted!

If you don’t like me as I am, Piss Off!

Look Tony, I can match tones!

Tony DePhillips

Hi Laura,

I wasn’t really talking about you. I mean in general that a 1.1 can cause a situation where people run to their “rescue”. I do think their are sympathy type cases who fall into sympathy on any “sad” occurence and that 1.1?s will use this to their advantage.

I never said I didn’t like you. I must have hit some kind of a button. And Your new tone doesn’t match me.

I do gt pissed at the enemy bullshit that I see and those who fall for it I also find irritating too at times. But generally that is not my tone.

I also feel sorry for someone who has lost someone and I have experienced loss too as I am sure Steve has also. It’s just someone who can’t see what is going down that I have trouble with.

As far as Bruce goes, my bet is that he is an OSA bot. I could be wrong but he sure didn’t make a good case for himself in my book.

This is kind of a touchy subject and another that I think the Church will exploit if allowed to.

Laura Ann


First, My comm was to you, not Steve. I’m not sure why you mentioned him.

Second, Yes, you did push a button! The point is not wether I was right about Bruce or not. I can learn, too. I just don’t enjoy myself or anyone else being catagorized as sympathy cases or anything else because I don’t get it. I got that you weren’t specifically referring to me but, generally I took your comment to apply.

Third, I do get pissed off sometimes, too. I should take my own advice and not eval for you either.

Fourth, I don’t think you don’t like me. I think I said the way, I am. Just to warn you, I do have a soft spot for children, elderly, animals and underdogs. I think with my heart sometimes. But, that’s me.

Fifth, I like you as you are! You contribute much to the survival of others!

Tony DePhillips

Hi Laura Ann,

1.I mentioned Steve because I wanted to.

2. ok I pushed a button. I got that you don’t like it. It doesn’t mean that I cannot do it if I like it.

3. It is ok with me if you get pissed. I didn’t see that I evaled you.

4. That’s good. So far I like you the way you are. Maybe even more now. It’s ok with me for people to have soft spots. I think someone like Steve is doing what he does out of love and he does some of the work others don’t want to. I love Steve and others who really are trying. They are good people. I know you know that.

5. 🙂

I think you are a tough and caring person. You are also courageous. That is what I think of you.

Laura Ann


Okey Dokey, Love you, too! Laura

Tony DePhillips



Wasn’t that cute!

And Finally . . .

. . .  no article could ever be complete without the last laugh being provided by our sponsor – the Chief Spy Catcher.

Anonymous Blue

Marty, you wrote, “For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again. It is not. You rarely see me engage in that”

You’re joking, right? Marty, if I had a dollar for every person you called an OSA spy or a friend of Miscavige or something like that, I could buy the Church and shut it down myself. You’re full of crap.


When I call someone an OSA spy or friend of Miscavige, that is precisely what they are being. I have exposed through documentation more OSA spies than any other individual or entity before me.

Sure Marty.  You ‘da man!  You ‘da best!  You ‘da Chief.  No other individual or entity can match ‘da Mardy.

There’s OSA spies behind every bush.

By the way, talking of catching spies, how’re Haydn and Lucy?  Did they get you off the Viagra and onto something else?  Know what I mean, know what I mean?  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

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