Marty Rathbun & Co. Still Hiding

We do not yet know how many lives have been ruined by the sex-trafficking nightmare that Tony Ortega and the Village Voice have been facilitating.

We do know that Ortega loudly ignored a petition of over 200,000 signatures delivered to his offices by honest people demanding that his publication cease it’s actions in facilitating prostitution and sex-trafficking via it’s cash-cow “Backpage” operation.

That hasn’t stopped him from falsely accusing others of human rights violations.

We also know that Ortega ignored my request to communicate openly about Marty Rathbun on this blog, instead of on the sly about “Rathbun and what he’s been up to,” as he put it.

Marty Rathbun relentlessly rants about fictitious “human rights” violations that remain invisible to all but a handful of conspiracy nuts, while ignoring his own complicity in supporting Ortega’s Backpage human-rights outrage.

Instead of answering up, Rathbun continues to rant about “corporate” mentalities while contributing to a corporation that is profiting from the worst kind of human degradation; and this while even former supporters of that corporation – such as a NY Times reporter – are calling the Village Voice and Ortega out on this unconscionable travesty.
But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these two are hiding what they’ve done and can’t even address what they have been up to.

“The Criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.” – LRH

Ergo, the only mention of this that you will hear from Marty Rathbun and Tony Ortega are alarming and degrading claims about specious human rights violations elsewhere.

But all the mock indignation and self-righteous posturing can’t divert attention from the fact that they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Rathbun and Ortega continue to attack and degrade, but that is their nature.

“The Criminal Mind relentlessly seeks to destroy anyone it imagines might expose it.” – LRH

Those attacks include not only the Church, but now a NY Times reporter who called the Village Voice’s attack on him “disingenuous.” This of course was Ortega’s response as editor, instead of addressing the reporter’s revelations.

Needless to say, Ortega did not respond when asked for comment.

Rathbun’s response is to bury his head deeper in the sand and keep screaming and hope no one notices his hypocrisy.