Marty Rathbun Delusion and Destruction

Not happy with his own delusions, Rathbun makes every effort to make sure his readers are deluded as well. He thinks he’s just creating clever little illusions for his duped followers, but methinks it all comes back to Marty’s delusion.

Here’s a new one: Marty, after a few tequilas and a private squirrel tape play, quotes LRH on brainwashing, (which beautifully describes Marty’s own moment-to-moment operating basis with the sycophantic slugs on his blog,) but then tries, by means of a herculean leap of illogic, to ascribe those methods to the Church. Sort of like saying “Cats have claws and can scratch, therefore that man over there is a cat! Case closed!”

It’s pretty obvious that Marty Rathbun, like a cheap magic act, is saying “hey, look over there, don’t look over here…”

If it weren’t so tragically inept, it would be funny.

He’s not so funny, however, when he describes things like the latest black propaganda he’s engineered against the Church. It’s kind of pitiful, really, when he uses others to launch attacks for him, and become his human shield. After all, he considers himself a “general” not a pawn. And it is truly pitiful they way his pawns trust in Marty’s “acumen.” None of these tools ever seem to think of looking over Rathbun’s record.

But I digress. Back on point, You know you’re an SP, Marty, when you read or listen to LRH only so you can try to use what you’ve found to attack his Orgs.

But what is he attacking as brainwashing? Events. Specifically, LRH’s 100th Birthday Event. Marty, of course, is too covert to come out and specify that, but his timing leaves no doubt. Rathbun actually tries to prejudice an event celebrating LRH’s life and accomplishments.

Marty’s too covert to come out and attack LRH directly mainly because it would lose him a good portion of his “fan base” if he were to do so, because some of them still delude themselves into thinking they are legitimately pro-LRH. This is one of Marty’s biggest delusions, and he can’t afford to give it up. So he attacks “events” in general. But he does so a week before the LRH Birthday event. Maybe his tools are too stupid to see that. Or too reasonable, anyway.

And in the same breath, insists that “we, on the other hand, specialize in presenting facts with time, place, form and event.” In other words, Marty actually thinks that if he can try to be as specific as possible with his natter and motivators, he’s not an SP!

Yet, as you might suspect, there’s NO time, place, form or event in his little article, just ARC Break generalities and chasms of illogic.

So we’re right back to Rathbun and his delusion.

Frankly, we’re dealing with Rathbun’s destructive actions. Though Marty “knows” he’s “sane”, we know he’s a suppressive. As such, his real intention comes right smack down in the neighborhood of to destroy all life in the universe.”

And how does deluded Marty see himself?

While the rest of us see the real physical universe around us, Rathbun must envision himself on a bald, barren hilltop holding a sword over all the lifeless bodies around him, not a creature stirring, and saying “I…I think I’m SAFE!”

Meanwhile, he hopes to get there by spreading his own delusions and trying to get agreement on them from the failures he gathers around him.