Marty Rathbun: delusional or plain liar?

Marty Rathbun has been screaming lately that someone called LT hacked into his computer.  We all know by now that when Rathbun is making noise it can only mean one thing, what’s he trying to cover up?

On November 3rd, 2010, Rathbun wrote to his followers that an email from an LT with links to approximately fifty views to his blog moderator’s page was received by some people.  Marty goes on to say that LT had found a handful of independents who have used more than one posting handle (technically these are called sockpuppets) proving that there are not many people following his blog.  Rathbun then stated that the same email claims that Mike Rinder, Mosey or Marty left their computers logged on during Independent’s weekend.  He goes on to say, “The cover is a demonstrable lie; the evidence I am holding for possible future proceedings. All they have demonstrated is that they have continued to spy on my blog for going on a year now.”  Sounds like you have a case, Marty.

However on November 4th, 2010, Rathbun came out with an amazing revelation.  He wrote, “Hold the presses. You many [sic] not have been outed after all.”  By making a 180 degree turn Rathbun told his bloggers that LT did not hack into his computer, despite the evidence he claims he had, but the whole thing was a forgery perpetrated by the infamous LT. So, everybody relax and go back to your computer and keep those sockpuppet postings coming.

Marty never really explained anything in his two blog articles, “winning” and ”Looney Tunes”. He told a big technical lie.

Marty claimed that LT’s IP matches a known “OSA ops IP address locale”. According to Marty, LT’s email address is lt07042010 at hushmail dot com

Marty doesn’t say what the email address of the “OSA ops” is. However, assuming that LT is factually using Hushmail, we have to take Marty’s word for it, then we know with 100% certainty that Marty is not telling the truth. Why?  Because Hushmail is very pro-privacy and they don’t show originating IPs.

For anyone who has been following the Rathbun’s “dox” saga lately the man can’t put the money where his mouth is.  So which is it Marty a hack job or a forgery?

The one thing Marty won’t admit to is that perhaps LT is an independent who went sour and jumped ship, just like Mike and Marty did years ago, but this time someone jumped Marty’s ship.

Let’s hope LT comes out and tells us what really happened.