Marty Rathbun – Drunk, Arrested & Jailed

As is now widely known, on the night of 10 July at 6:05am, Marty Rathbun was arrested for disorderly drunken conduct, disturbing the peace and harassing tourists on Bourbon Street in the Big Easy and ended up in the Orleans Parish Prison. Disturbing the peace on Bourbon Street really takes some doing, but this isn’t surprisingly new news if you know Marty Rathbun.

That he left his newly wedded wife stranded drunk on the dance floor being slammed danced by strangers after he bolted out of the club to get some air, play some hoopless basketball stripped shirtless on Bourbon Street, then trying aggressively to re-enter the club bare breasted and getting body blocked and pinned against the wall by the doorman, and climaxing with the arrival of mounted horse police arresting him and carrying him off in a police wagon to jail, again isn’t surprising news either for Marty Rathbun.

Rathbun proclaimed that he had an epiphany type of experience for having been in jail even though he “annoyed and entertained 50 other cellmates…my speech offended some, no one resorted to nor even threatened violence.” Well that is definitely not new news. I am sure he wasn’t going to resort to or threatened any violence, drunk or not drunk, with those 50 other dudes in the cell. But he then had to go off in some pontificating rapture of some soul mating experiences while in the jail cell. Some of those 50 prison soul mates called his “epiphany in the jail cell” a DT attack (delirium tremens) and their general consensus was—he was an asshole and a crazy one at that.

Another point that Rathbun omitted to mention in his public blog confession was what was his wife doing while he was out playing hoopless basketball on Bourbon Street. Probably this was due to his intoxicated amnesia. However, he did remember they were dancing the Electric Slide and Cupid’s Shuffle totally smashed on 180 proof Hurricanes (an alcoholic brew of various rums with a dash of OJ and Pineapple). Well, it seems that Mosey couldn’t hold her liquor either as she was smashed out of her mind too, all the while body slamming dancing with willing strangers while Marty was slam-dunking and being slammed dunked outside.

And believe it or not—he blames others for all that happened!

Call it a hurricane honeymoon or call it a ding, ding here comes the paddy wagon type of honeymoon, it is Marty Rathbun’s ever evolving legacy.

Disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace has been his norm his whole life. It’s not new news that—his mother was institutionalized and committed suicide, one brother institutionalized and murdered, another brother institutionalized, his high school girl turned into a drug addict, a friend he was protecting from her estranged husband murdered in Marty’s presence, desertion #1 drunken motorcycle and pugnacious bar hopping rage across country, suborning perjury, obstructing justice, whacking a few while he interviewing them, blacking eyeing three staff, non-stop screaming at secretaries, assault and battery against his clone Mike Rinder, desertion #2 drunken spree and crashing into a ditch, desertion #3 drunken pizza binge, etc., etc., etc.

So what’s new?