Marty Rathbun & Graham Berry: Partners in Slime

Graham Berry and his Anonymous associate

Marty Rathbun will do anything to get support from people who echo his outrageous claims, people who read and comment on his blog, and most importantly people who sympathize with him.

Marty realized long ago that he could not afford to tell people his true motivations and intentions. Instead he realized that the smart thing would be to continually tell a huge lie and use it to sucker people into supporting him.

Recently Ursula Caberta hooked Rathbun up with Graham Berry.
Graham Berry is a little-known attorney who has attempted for many years to make a career out of suing the Church of Scientology. He has consistently lost every legal engagement he has initiated against the Church, or individual Scientologists, to the point where he was suspended from the bar for 18 months and continues to be barred from filing any suits in California without prior approval of the court.

Berry’s tiny client base always comes from the same source: a small group of apostates and anti-religious hate-mongers who have teamed up to see what they can get out of attacking the Church. Berry bases his suits on the fabrications they spin.

For example, Berry paid $17,000 to one witness for a declaration that became the source of false allegations that appeared in the tabloid press. When senior partners in the firm learned of his conduct, they repudiated both Berry and the declaration.

In the same case Berry added pages of testimony to the declaration of a witness without her knowledge or consent after she signed the declaration.

In another failed case, Berry represented one Michael Pattinson whose lawsuit was dismissed six times. The complaint alleged that the U.S. President, the U.S. Department of Treasury, the U.S. Secretary of State, the U.S. Special Trade Representative, two Commissioners of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation were somehow all part of an international “conspiracy” to advance Scientology across the world.

After repeatedly failing to comply with the court’s orders, the federal court judge found Berry’s conduct harassing and awarded the defendant his attorney’s fees. The judge subsequently ordered sanctions in the amount of $28,484.72 to be paid by Berry. In all, Graham Berry was assessed more than $100,000 in sanctions for his frivolous litigation.

After failing with the Pattinson case, Berry then pursued his own frivolous litigation against Scientology churches and individuals, without success.

It was as a result of another such case in August of 1999 that a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge declared Graham Berry to be a vexatious litigant and forbade him from filing of any future suits without court approval.

In May of 2002, Berry was suspended from the practice of law by the California Bar for his continued pattern of misconduct, including the filing of harassing and frivolous litigation and the misuse of client funds. Berry declared bankruptcy to avoid paying the sanctions ordered against him.

In an attempt to escape responsibility for his offences Graham Berry also unsuccessfully used his substance abuse problems and mental health issues as excuses for his conduct.

Berry claims to have experienced severe depression and routine, even daily, suicidal thoughts and day dreams. In a 1998 deposition, Berry stated
Well, a few years ago I read of [celebrity name redacted] death by suicide at the age of 40, and I wrote down the name of the pills that she used. I’ve thought of getting my private pilot’s license and crashing a plane. I’ve thought about driving over a cliff…I’ve thought of using a gun, but I don’t own a gun and it’s kind of messy.

In addition to admitting to past use of cocaine and marijuana, Berry admits to the use of psychotropic drugs going back to 1993, including Prozac and later Zoloft in increasing dosages. In addition, Berry admits to the nightly use of substantial amounts alcohol while under the influence of psychotropic drugs and sleeping pills.

Graham Berry’s practice of filing frivolous complaints continues today. Claiming to represent the infamous internet-based hate group “Anonymous,” Berry has been peppering United States government agencies with lengthy diatribes. A recent response to one of these complaints, however, reveals that he is not taken seriously. The agency official wrote to Berry that they had serious work to do [in order to prove their case] and that if people were terrified, as Berry alleged, they should “call 911” [the emergency operator].