Marty Rathbun: I Came, I Saw, I Altered

“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” 
(Marc Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar)

Change “Caesar” in the above quote to “LRH,” and you have Marty Rathbun’s purpose in his latest scumbucketry, “Putting LRH in perspective.”

Quite aside from the fact that a faithless narcissist like Rathbun presumes to evaluate LRH for the world (and thus position himself, in his perverted thinking, above LRH, or at the very least, “with” LRH,) what you end up with is classic Rathbun. Which is to say, it appears much different than it IS.

It’s not just an exercise of “damning with faint praise.” It is, as you might expect from Rathbun, something that appears rational and social at first, but ends with a perverse twist that unmocks LRH and promotes Marty and his insane purpose.

Marty works hard to make it look like he praises LRH, and even pays lip service to “judging” LRH and Scientology by its workability, not by other standards. (Marty “judging” LRH? Stop laughing, he’s serious.)

He sidles into his judgement of LRH and Scientology by quoting from a classic book, “12 Against the Gods” by William Bolitho. LRH, in the PDC lectures, said the introduction to that book is “one of the best pieces of work I know of,” and recommended that people read it.

LRH cites the book in the PDC’s as he illustrates the destroy-in-order-to-have phenomenon (sound like what Marty’s trying to do?) But taking LRH out of context is an old trick of Rathbun’s. All he knows is that it’s a good book, recommended by LRH. So what does he do? He reads enough of it to try to turn it against LRH, and make Marty himself look like a new messiah.

Marty’s engaged in the very destruction-in-order-to-have that LRH was talking about in the PDC lectures when he mentions that book. Predictably, that all went way over Rathbun’s head, so Marty writes an epitaph for LRH appearing to praise him as an adventurer while just demoting him to the status of “a man with faults” whose real accomplishment was that he extended to others (presumably Marty and his nattering lapdogs) the invitation that we “all become adventurers.”

Marty says he always wanted to read the book, and a friend recently gave him a copy. (Actually, I met someone years ago who told me he gave Rathbun a copy of this book long ago, while he was in the SO. But Rathbun was too wrapped up in his misunderstoods to even PRETEND to understand it, and probably gave it to a garbage collector.) The book was written using word meanings and syntax that are uncommon today, so require some slow reading, with a good dictionary to hand.

The book is subtitled, “The Story of Adventure,” and includes illustrative essays on 12 adventurous lives, from Alexander the Great, through Napoleon and up to Woodrow Wilson. But Marty has now pored over the book only enough to be able to extract a portion that Marty wants to paint LRH with, a portion that describes the failure of Woodrow Wilson, the portion of the book which Marty “finds relevant to us today with respect to L. Ron Hubbard’s adventure.” This is Rathbun’s grand finale and the purpose for dragging Bolitho into Marty’s stable of psychotic mis-positionings of himself and his black-PR campaign. (We’ve seen plenty of Rathbun trying to position himself and his destructive obsessions with such larger-than-life figures as Martin Luther and MLK in the past.)
Bolitho saves Wilson for last in his book, and goes on about how even though Wilson was perhaps the biggest failure and left the world stage “defeated,” his adventure left us with “a hope… to serve for one who will come after in a retaking up of his adventure to put his feet on for the leap.”

Who does Rathbun think is the one who will retake up LRH’s adventure? Three guesses.
Not having the courage himself to say so, Rathbun uses the words of others to tell his sycophantic anatens that HE himself is the new adventurer who can succeed despite LRH’s “failure.” Coming out and saying so wouldn’t be covert enough for Marty. Plus it would shoot holes in his “aw, shucks/common guy” facade and reveal him for the delusional megalomaniac he is.

Let me “hang a lantern” on this point for my readers:
Marty has insinuated that LRH failed, and that Marty and his suppressive supporters are the ones who can pick up the adventure LRH began (and failed at) and make it succeed.

Who the hell is Marty Rathbun to make pronouncements about L. Ron Hubbard? Or to put him “in perspective.” (which is just Martycode for “put him in his place” with other homo sapiens.)

Rathbun has zero record of constructive accomplishment but a long list (that reads more like a “rap sheet”) of overt products, destructive administrative and technical actions committed on the Church and its staff, and even outright criminal actions. Not to mention a record since then of overt technical products and unabashed squirrelling, incontrovertible suppressive acts in collusion with the media, and a life which produces nothing but hateful and destructive communications.

What do Marty’s fellow “adventurers” think? Laughably, the subject can’t even get off the ground with Marty’s herd of entheta hyenas who can’t understand the Bolito quotes he provides (one has to actually use a real dictionary and understand grammar fairly well.) Instead, the vicious comments that follow immediately devolve into an attack on the Church, COB, standard tech (complete with debate about the definition of “standard”) and most of all, natter about the OT levels and the eligibility checks required.

In case you don’t pay much attention to the natterboard Marty hosts, complaining about eligibility and security checks is a common theme. Go figure!
Yet these are the new “adventurers” and inheritors of LRH’s legacy, in Marty’s delusional world.
One of the “standard” tech zealots who cozies up to Marty and who asserts he is “OT8,” even vehemently challenges the idea that “even one” OT has ever been produced. Well, we at least know of one “OT” now who never made it. And if he has his way, no one else will even attempt to make it.

Ah, but there’s full support for Marty making “OTs” with Mayo tech!

Marty himself sits back, fondling his corroded meter, reveling in all the “controversy” he’s now host to. Sounds like he learned well how to be a Merchant of Chaos.

Into the mix of these adrift souls who feel it’s OK, appropriate, and even preferable to “go OT” without all that pesky “clean hands” business, Marty is gleefully connecting up the most rabid anti-LRH and anti-Scientology haters, evil little beings who have loudly announced their intentions to do whatever they can to destroy Scientology entirely, and he avidly works every day to forward their enemy lines by entertaining and even hosting “open discussions” of their “different viewpoints.”

Marty never figured out, in all his pretended study and “training,” that you don’t handle evil purposes, natter, or even bypassed-charge with “open debate.” Either that, or he has no real intention to handle such things.
Unfortunately for Rathbun, none of these efforts to do anything to bury LRH (despite Marty’s ongoing façade of “praise,”) have worked or will work. His only audience for these coy and covert unmocks are those who are looking for reasons to hate anyway. We know what lies beneath that, and it ain’t pretty.
The “adventure” they face in the future is one that no one would want to write about.