Marty Rathbun in Wonderland

We are through the looking glass, kids. Marty says, “Just after I blew RTC  I spent 35 days on the road looking for a peaceful, faraway place to settle. ”

He seems to have found Wonderland, because what he describes in his new “blog moderation policy” is a very twisted version of reality.

Rathbun says that most people who come there remark about “how friendly people are.” And he treats his blog like his “home.”

And in Marty’s Wonderland, “Just be a cabron and see how long they keep referring to you as “Sir.”

Marty says, “I entertain a wide variety (of) thoughts and viewpoints.” (Right. And Henry Ford said that Model T buyers “can have whatever color they want, as long as it’s black.”)

Keep in mind that Marty is moderating the postings in his “home” and happily allows his friends (at least the obedient ones) to call other guests “ f#*king jellyfish f*#kface” “c*nt”, etc. Before you accuse Marty, however, of being a complete coward and letting his sockpuppets do his smashing of other viewpoints for him, note that he then piles on, and Mike Rinder does too, and slams the poster. This is probably their idea of a “snarling defense” of the Marty and Mike program, which is the one true, non-entheta route to doing in the Church.

But Marty will show the door to anyone who “… isn’t really interested in learning something..” (CODE: doesn’t want to absorb Marty’s 3P, and discards anything contrary or off his game plan) “…but only in enturbulating or propagandizing…” (CODE: Marty’s entheta is the one true path, take your entheta somewhere else.) (ADDITIONAL CODE: anything that upsets Marty in any way is “entheta.”)

It’s no secret that many of the independents that Marty has tried to gather under his “friendly” porch, have stopped calling him “sir,” and are leaving his “ship.” And on the way out the door, they’re starting to blow the whistle on his slimy hypocracy.

An honest person would have the guts to say, “it’s my blog, I post whatever comments I choose to post, and discard others.”

But the policy is whatever Marty says it is and whatever forwards his game condition within his rules. He’s too covert to actually lay out those rules, instead hiding them behind some theedy-weedy propaganda about moving up a little higher, and “transcending,” and not “enturbulating” poor delicate Marty, who’s trying to transcend his OWN “ inability to control his negative impulses.”

Sing along in Marty’s choir, kiss his butt, or it’s “off with your head.”