Marty Rathbun is the “Hidden Data Line”

Having conversed with Marty Rathbun and a few of his “independents,” I finally saw the con that was going down. Marty is putting out so much “hidden data” that it is more than a “hidden data line,” it is a full-scale black propaganda campaign.

In rereading HCO PL THE HIDDEN DATA LINE, I realized what Rathbun and his cohorts are doing.

“Some students have believed there was a ‘hidden data line’ of tech in Scientology, a line on which Scientology tech was given out by me but not made known to students.

“This started me looking.  For there is no such line.

“I wondered if it was a ‘missed withhold of nothing.’  There can be one of these, you know.  There is nothing there, yet the auditor tries to get it and the pc ARC breaks.  This is ‘cleaning a clean’ with an E-Meter….

“This is the other side of the ARC break — the gone something, the nonexistence of something.  No food.  No money. These things ARC break people.

“So it is with a ‘missed withhold of nothing.’

“Take Johannesburg.  Some years ago the field there was upset by three rabble-rousers who alleged all manner of wild things about the Scientology org there.  They held wild field meetings and all that. Truth was these three people had done a vicious thing and screamed to high heaven when I sought to query them.

“They made a ‘missed withhold of nothing’ in the field in that area!  There was exactly nothing wrong with Scientology there or us. There was something wrong with those three people.  They had been stealing from the org.

“The field kept looking for what was wrong with the org or us. Nothing was.  So it couldn’t be cleaned up because there was nothing to clean up.  There were three thieves who had run off with org property and defied orders to give it back.  How this made something wrong with us is quite a puzzle.  They are still ‘cleaning up this ARC break’ in Johannesburg!  For it is not cleanable, not being there to be cleaned!  Unless you realize there was nothing there at all!  It’s a missed withhold of nothing.  The basic org and staff and we at Saint Hill were just doing our jobs in ordinary routine!

“Governments looking for evil in Scientology orgs will go mad (I trust), as they are seeking a nonexistent thing.  They are easily defeated because their statements are so crazy even their own legal systems can’t help but see it.  So it’s easily won.

“The only person who goes mad on a missed withhold of nothing is the person who thinks there is something there that isn’t.

“So it is with the ‘hidden data line’ students sometimes feel must exist on courses.

“There is no line.

But in this case there is an apparency of a line….

“There is no “hidden data line.”  To believe there is makes an ARC break….

“One could say there was one if one was way off the main data line.  But it sure isn’t hidden.  It’s on courses and in orgs….

“There is no hidden data line….

“Don’t for heaven’s sake mistake alter-is by somebody as evidence of a hidden line.”

Rathbun’s “hidden data line” is just  that — a “hidden data line.” Typical of a squirrel.