Marty Rathbun: King of the Failures

Even though he might like to pretend otherwise, Mark Rathbun became a total anti-Scientologist and very anti-LRH. He is in fact psychotic.

What happened to him? He became what he lost to – and he lost every battle he ever fought. He’s become all the people he was supposed to handle, but was a chronic loser and couldn’t handle them. Instead, as losers will, he became them.

Witness the raft of long time avowed LRH haters and Scientology haters he has aligned himself with and even praises and makes excuses for. No calumny against LRH or the Church is enough to make Rathbun decline to endorse you. In fact, it’s almost a requirement to being a friend of Marty.

Wallowing in self-pity after others had handled the situations Marty himself had created or prolonged, he finally admitted, “I only know how to fight. It’s all I’ve ever done.”

And unfortunately he lost. And he also remains lost. One person reported:

“Marty confided in me and told me that with all of the expansion now unfolding, he was a ‘fish out of water’ and didn’t know how to do anything related to Church expansion… Marty cried as he was telling me this and said all he could do is fight battles and that’s what he wanted to continue to do somehow, even though there were none… He was an extremely disturbed individual and further said in tears of grief that he had no creative or constructive capacity to hold due to his lack of competence and experience.”

Marty’s still mocking up battles, this time with LRH and Scientology, and he’s joined the long time haters who defeated him as he does so.