Marty Rathbun’s new shack

Apparently Rathbun and his minions are reading this blog, so, we might as well take credit for a couple of things Rathbun recently posted on his squirrel site:

1) Although Rathbun went to great lengths to belittle and deride our photos of his rundown shack in Ingleside, Texas where he delivers his squirrel sessions (which we accurately called a shack BTW) Marty did listen to us and took our message to heart.  He has finally upgraded his delivery quarters to something just a tad bit more upscale around the block from the old shack.

When we first told Rathbun that he was delivering in a shack and that it matched the lousy quality of his squirrel auditing, he tried to justify this with that goofy briefing to his followers trying to draw a parallel to a book called The Shack about a man’s young daughter who had been murdered in a shack where the man later believed he met god. In short it was a Rathbun PR spin justifying why it was OK that his squirrel delivery space looked like a rundown shack.

Rathbun’s still got a long way to go but at least he’s made a slight improvement in his new digs.

Next we’ll work on correcting all the things he is doing to mess up his PCs with his squirrel auditing. That will be a real task.

2) After reading the complaints on our blog about Rathbun collecting money from his followers and not giving an accounting of who was donating and where it was going, he actually did post a breakdown of the disbursement of funds that he collected for the thief and wife beater who stole the hard drives.

What Marty has not done however is disclose all the other money that he and Mike Rinder have received as payment for attacking Scientology. He has not disclosed these payments as he wants people to think that he and Mike Rinder are attacking out of some altruistic motive “to save Scientology” (straight out of the Suppressive Acts policy). In my opinion he won’t disclose the money that he and Rinder are receiving to attack the Church as it will show that they are doing it for the money and are merely anti-Scientologists for hire and that he is trying to avoid the tax consequences that disclosure would bring.

I’d like to see the names of those giving them money and the amounts of the payments, including donated airline tickets, hotel accommodations, paid for vacations and so on that both of them have received in exchange for attacking the Church.

According to Rathbun, “Folks for sale don’t much perceive theta, nor do they much want to.”

I’ll agree with that. Care to disclose ALL the payments Marty and Mike?

I was also wondering, why is Mike Rinder refusing to be audited by Marty?