Marty Rathbun New Brand Of Psychotherapy

Sigismund Freud and Wilhelm Wundt

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that something very strange is going on inside the mind of Marty Rathbun.

His recent rants – when viewed against the backdrop of his attempt to gain control of the splintered and often embittered bitter “indie” group – are getting more erratic, leading us to wonder what level of chaos has descended on the land-locked Bulverde, Texas compound which he occupies with his “wife” Monique Rathbun.

Rathbun’s strategy seems to be to test the waters by offering up posts in the form of questions and, depending on the answers, state his so-called philosophy in a subsequent post.

In doing so, he is playing to that crowd of ex-Scientologists who are seeking answers to life, having abandoned the pursuit of those answers when they left the Church.

Disturbingly, at least for the Texas “guru,” is that he is becoming more and more delusional in the process.

It could be the result of a slowly-fermenting psychosis that was sparked (no pun intended) when Rathbun’s mother received electric shock treatments when he was in her womb.

At any rate, grandiosity has long been one of Rathbun’s character traits – or character defects – and his latest postings are proof positive of that.

To many observers it is just a matter of time before Rathbun comes out with his own low IQ brand of psychotherapy.

With a splash of Buddhism, a salt shaker full of existentialism, and a dose of psychotherapy, Rathbun, apparently, sees himself as someone not only continuing the work of Scientology’s founder, but inheriting his mantle as well.

Now, of course, anyone with an Internet connection that gives him access to Wikipedia has the ability to wax philosophical about Freud, psychotherapy and cognitive therapy along with sundry other topics.

But for Rathbun to fancy himself as LRH is something else altogether. It speaks to delusional thinking – and the kind of side effects that comes with electroshock therapy.

Finally, Rathbun now seems to be taking on another persona – one that is evolving as he says. And, by all appearances, it has little to do with the “counseling” he first turned to when he set up his shingle at his original place of business on the Texas Gulf.