Marty Rathbun on Haggis and “Threats”

Marty Rathbun's favorite martian

Rathbun is once again soiling his pants because (being one of my most faithful readers – Rinder being the other) he is seeing little green men, base motives, and Roman Legionnaires hidden in my pages.  I’m sorry, but he’s just getting flat-out hilarious and laughable.

This time, he’s taking on my recent posting about Paul Haggis’ bizarre effort to blame anyone but himself for some scandal he expects will break at any time concerning his own discreditable behavior – and how this kind of obvious attempt at distraction always means that there is indeed a well-deserved scandal about to break.

Rathbun of course, turns this into a “threat” that the Church must somehow be behind. He won’t come out and say it (because he knows it wasn’t what I was saying) but instead implies that confessional confidences might be broken “among other (read: illegal) things.” Very standard Rathbun innuendo and generalities which go right over the head of his gullible, motivator-hungry audience.

He also tries to convince his gullible audience that this site is secretly run by his imaginary nemesis, and micromanaged “down to the placement of commas.”

Man, even the Roman Legionnaires in his shadows are laughing at this one.

For the record, Marcus Cluelus, I am the only one who ‘micromanages’ this blog. I am not OSA or part of it. I don’t even have their approval. Read this entire site, not just the parts that make you spit your tequila all over your keyboard.

If you (or your footsoldiers) weren’t so glib and paranoid you might have read “Why This Site” and “Is it Safe?” the links to which are at the top of this blog page. (I took the site over from Minerva, who is doing just fine, thank you.)

I am just one of many, many Scientologists who see through your slick exterior (putting aside your unguarded moment at the airport where you were seen babbling, spitting and chain-smoking) and see who you really are and what you are really trying to do. I know that you are a criminal. I know that you are (and have been for a very long time) fighting unseen enemies and must always be engaged in a ‘battle’ of some kind. I know that where no ‘battle’ exists you will manufacture one, and manufacture the ‘evidence’ to back up your need to fight so you can recruit other anti-Scientologists to hide among and be your yes-men and women.

I know that you look at every possible aspect of the Church for base motives that match yours, or for actions that YOU would take upon others if you had the power. Which you don’t have and never will. You, above all others, know that you cannot be trusted with it. You have admitted publicly and to yourself how you hurt others when given the power, and in fact commit crimes. Your only power is to restimulate others, and you exercise it non-stop.

Your stock-in-trade is falsehood and the alteration of truth. You can fool some people who have, like you, a hunger for motivators against the Church. They are willing to not only overlook your criminal history, but actually buy into your ham-handed propaganda about how “it’s all bad over there.”

They never manage to recognize the bald fact that no matter the particulars about which you whine and natter, you do not stop – you never will stop – trying to find reasons why it was and is “ok” for you to commit all the crimes you have committed and continue to commit. They cannot see that they are all justifiers, and motivators, pure and simple and completely. And so, like the suppressive magnet you are, you gather these moribund souls to you.

Those who buy into your outrageous claims (and wishes) only do so because they pre-dispose themselves by their own out-ethics and overts to even entertain your criticisms. And like you, they are looking for any and all ways to justify the harm they have done to others, and even to themselves.

But most people, and certainly most Scientologists, can see that what you declare doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you will continually attack, attack, attack because you must have a fight. The particulars of what you attack the Church on change and are added to day by day. The constant is that you are personally under attack, like any Suppressive Person, and must attack.

Every time you write something, Marty, it gives us a better idea of what you’ve done, are doing, or are trying to do. Anyone with any understanding of the criminal mind can see that, too.

For example, you said about me: “… they pirated my name in a vampirish attempt to garner an audience…”

You mean the way you pirated “Scientology” and “standard tech” to garner an audience for yourself, Marty? In your case, I’ll agree it does sound “vampirish” as your only life comes from sucking the blood of the Church you’ve worked so hard to destroy for 3 decades, and leeching off it’s name. You know that without it, you would just be the zero you really are, and would have to find some other helping organization to try to “fight.” No one would listen to a word you say if you weren’t vampiring Scientology.

Or how about this: you say my site is being micromanaged by someone else. You mean the way you micromanage the declarations of “indie” status that you coax out of people and post on your site every time you find someone who couldn’t stay honest while in the Church and blew?

The way you micromanage the corny comments I receive from people who pretend they are just “honestly” inquiring of me about every one of your hackneyed attack lines, in the hope they will get posted? (I received the one your sycophant sent this morning, thanks.) Yes, I read them and 86 them because they are so transparent.

Sorry, Marty, you’d like to think there is some big conspiracy of Roman Legionnaires or FBI agents or Martians or PI’s that are after you, but it’s just me and the like-minded people who see through you and your suppressive games. And while I’m here, I’ll continue to point out how destructive and evil you are and what your aberrated game really is.

What’s worse, Marty, is that there are a lot of people who communicate to me who want to get involved with this the way I am, and I’m looking at ways to help them do so. You may not have to be fixated on this site being the only one that calls you on your crap.

That’s the real “threat,” Marty. People who see what a chronic liar and vampire you are, and are growing more and more willing to go public about it the longer you broadcast your lies.