Marty Rathbun: Organizing a Splinter Group

Organizing a splinter group to use Scientology data or any part of it to distract people from standard Scientology.

The word “to” in the phrase “to distract people” above means “for the purpose of, in order to.”

I issue that clarification because Marty hasn’t been all that successful in distracting people from standard Scientology, but that’s been his purpose in organizing a splinter group.

Hell, he hasn’t really organized it. He just stepped forward as a figurehead (or was pushed forward by Mike Rinder, the real “brains” behind the operation) and took over a disorganized mini-mob of field squirrels and no gain cases out to destroy others. Marty’s always been the kind of guy who would step out in front of a parade and act like he was the leader. In the Church he got away with that for a long time until no one could any longer ignore the fact that he was not actually leading, but just standing out in front working to sabotage the whole thing.

Nonetheless, he’s worked incessantly for several years on the purpose of organizing a splinter group all with the express intention of distracting people from standard Scientology.

In usual Rathbun fashion, he’s tried reversals of fact to gather some other rats to follow him, pied-piper style. He’s even tried to put forth the absurd notion that his efforts are “standard” and the Church’s he calls “radical.”

Yes, you read that right. The guy who doesn’t use a certified meter, doesn’t use C/Sing or exams, or FESes is calling himself “standard.” The same guy who was found to routinely mess peoples cases up by running NOTS procedures on people who were on lower parts of the Bridge is calling himself “standard.” The guy who withheld as many as 30 sessions’ worksheets from a real C/S in the Church would have his deluded, suppressive followers think he’s interested in “standard” tech.

And has the nerve to call the Church non-standard.

The only thing standard about Rathbun is that he standardly uses reversals of fact in his claims about himself and against the Church.

If you know where such reversals lie on the tone scale, you know Rathbun’s real intentions toward people, especially PC’s, and you see how he truly is only trying to distract people from standard Scientology, deeply fearing that others may get better. If he’s in this much trouble now, what will happen when others get even better?