The Phony Victim

Precision and veracity have no sanctity with Marty Rathbun. For him they are just means to be manipulated to advance his agenda and stratagem. He will deceive you and claim the mantle of victim no matter how egregious his misdeeds.

Rathbun has himself admitted to committing offenses ranging from obstruction of justice and destroying evidence to dedicated campaigns of outright sabotage of honest, decent individuals who he feared might find out about him. Not to mention the panoply of back-stabbing actions and abuses he engineered to subvert productive staff who worked counter to his efforts to harm Scientology and Scientologists and stop it from helping others.

Like most suppressives, all of Marty Rathbun’s outrageous transgressions against others don’t matter one whit, but every slightest opposition of him – real or imagined – is tragically bad and utterly unforgivable. He’s gone so far down the tubes that someone even observing him sends him into fits of whining over his victimhood.

He has become the classic victimizer claiming to be a victim. This he hopes will keep him safe from others possibly doing to him what he’s done to them, and of course make him some money in the process.

You won’t find clarity, accuracy or truth in what he says or presents. Rathbun has gone way past the point where he can afford to come clean.