Marty Rathbun: Public Warning

Marty Rathbun’s behavior – and mental state – have become increasingly erratic, according to observers.

Displaying the classic signs of paranoia run amok, the South Texas militia leader has taken to the internet to lash out at the federal government – as if the U.S. owes him something.

With his so-called counseling business plagued by stories of violence and illegal drug use, the internet rants, observers say, are a sign of Rathbun’s increasing isolation from those few around him.

While sudden flashpoints are nothing new for Rathbun, the pronounced mood change dates back to early September when Marty erupted into violence twice in one day.

First, he attacked a reporter in Phoenix – using a large suitcase to attack the scribe, knocking him to the ground. Early that same evening, after returning to his Texas base, Rathbun skirmished with a documentary filmmaker, gouging his forehead and drawing blood.

Observers point to Rathbun’s wife, Mosey, being present on both occasions, leaving some to wonder that the violence could have been a lot worse if she hadn’t been present. For instance, in the Phoenix incident she had to usher her mumbling husband unto the airport terminal.

And, from a quick glance at history, there are no shortage of militia leaders – no matter how small their numbers – whose embrace of violence and fevered obsession with the U.S. government led to their downfall, and, self-destruction.

We will be watching.