Marty Rathbun, Purveyor of False Data

I was asked recently why it is that anyone buys into Marty Rathbun’s lies and twisted viewpoints of things.  The person asking is an active, trained Scientologist who is winning in life – a person who quite literally could not understand how anyone could fail to see that Marty is guilty of multiple suppressive acts, a squirrel and diametrically opposed to LRH.

First of all, let me point out that only a few people do actually buy into Marty’s lies.   For all his claims that he knows best how to expand Scientology, he has not managed to scrape up more than a few of the dregs to be his followers.

Second thing is to look at the people who have joined him.  For the most part they are the people who have been off-lines and inactive for years.  From their comm it is clear that they failed to grasp even the most elementary basics of Scientology, no matter how literate they claim to be or how many Scientology words they throw about.

Thirdly, one-for-one, these people NEED to believe the lies they are told by Marty.

There are many references that cover this, and this one from HCO PL False Data Stripping is very clear.


Some people are prone to accepting false data.  This stems from overts committed prior to the false data being accepted.  The false data then acts as a justifier for the overt.

An example of this would be a student studying past Mis-Us on a subject, cheating in the exam and eventually dropping the subject entirely.  Then someone comes along and tells him that the subject is useless and destructive.  Well, he will immediately grab hold of this datum and believe it, as he needs something to justify his earlier overts.

This actually gets into service facsimiles as the person will use the false data to make the subject or other people wrong.

So if you see someone who is very prone to accepting false data on a particular subject or in general, the answer is to get the prior overts pulled.  Then the person will not need to justify his overts by accepting any false data that comes his way.