Marty Rathbun: Serial Abuser

“Moving on up a Little Drunker”

OK, let’s face it, Marty is an abuser. Abuse is the keynote of his life. He abuses alcohol regularly, with a long history of turning to the bottle whenever he needs to “release steam” (his code for “blow”).

Marty repeatedly blew when he was on post and got drunk before he could even get out of town. He’s known for his alcoholic road trips, pugnacious bar-hopping binges, and the sort of degraded inebriate theater that his equally degraded sycophantic followers call “living life, dude.” Like driving his vehicle into a ditch in a drunken stupor.

But his followers don’t know this. They think it was an “understandable” one-off when he got plastered on his honeymoon, abandoned his wife, abused a random kid on the street, and mixed it up with the police sufficiently for them to throw him in jail. Some even try to explain it away by calling it a money-making activity on the part of overzealous local police. They overlook that this happened on a street where one-third of the people on it are usually inebriated, and don’t get arrested.

Lindsay Lohan and George Michael are getting considerably longer jail time for having done less.

Of course (as far as we know) Marty abuses a substance that is legal, and so tells himself it’s not really abuse, it’s “steam-release.” His new friends see him drinking frequently, and Marty explains it away as having the fun he couldn’t have during the decades he was in the Church. But they don’t know that he’s been abusing alcohol and trying to hide it for those same decades. Or that he’s been abusing people as much as alcohol. So he comes clean with a “confession,” as though the whole incident was something unusual. Except this time it was so publicly noticed that he couldn’t hide it, so he tried to come out ahead of the news and spin it for a captive choir.

How often did Marty ‘blow’ from actually handling things on his post (the pressure of having to actually produce products that weren’t overts was just too much) and drink on the sly while pretending to be an executive? All that ‘steam’ needed to be released on a daily basis. How often did his abuse of the staff around him follow his drinking on post?

Let’s note for the record right now, that one doesn’t need to “release steam” if they’re capable of as-ising their case and the “pressure” it packs on them. And they certainly don’t need to “escape.”

But the one thing Marty can’t escape from is Marty. He can drink himself into thinking he’s not the weak, failed, abusive person that he is, but knows it just ain’t so. He once had a chance in the Church to truly move on up higher, but couldn’t keep his nose clean long enough to get any case gain. All he ever gained was an ability to ‘talk the talk.’

And so he feels he has no choice but to go on as he is. If he can mock up external enemies as large as the ones demonizing him internally, he might be able to continue non-confronting who and what he really is. It’s a dark-souled and pitiable game that Marty’s been stuck in for a long time, and it’s only going to get worse and worse, as he abuses himself deeper into his own personal hell.

Hey Marty, find out that you are.