Marty Rathbun: Serial Squirrel

A photo of the "Serial Squirrel" when he was in the cage

We’re all seeing more and more evidence of Marty Rathbun’s squirreling of the Tech. From neglecting to pull withholds and failure to keep worksheets to auditing with corroded, R/Sing out-of-certification meters, Rathbun’s current “tech” operation is obviously that of a squirrel, operating at a degraded lower harmonic of the real Tech.

Pressured to respond to his lack of C/Sing, Rathbun asserted that Dan Koon was doing his C/Sing. Yes, the same Dan Koon who advocated doing one’s course studies at Starbucks and emailing homemade TRs and Metering videos to him for a pass. Maybe Marty did his TRs video via webcam from his fishing boat, between watching episodes of Squirreling With The Stars.

But Marty has a long history as a squirrel. We’ve had horror reports of him belittling, screaming and scolding people in session, auditing PC’s for 30 sessions without sending the folder to a C/S (what COULD he be hiding?) and auditing tired PCs late at night in violation of the Auditor’s Code.

In fact one report confirmed that “In a single time period of only a few weeks he violated 15 out of a total of 29 clauses of the Auditor’s Code.”

We’ve heard his own admissions that he has “whacked” people between sessions to get them to give up their overts, squirreled “metered interviews,” and avoided taking people to exams after “auditing.”

This is all in addition to his many admissions of squirreling on Admin and Legal lines while on post in the Church, from bizarre metering actions and false reports to get people he didn’t like busted, to boxing peoples ears, wrestling them to the ground, and tackling them down the stairs, all as part of his “standard admin.”

Reports continue to come in regarding his “fist-in-your-face” cramming style, dishonest efforts to falsely inflate his website statistics, encouragement of sockpuppetry on his blog to create a false picture of his following, efforts to “repair” trash meters (literally) so he could have something to audit with, and in the midst of all that, declaring a new OTV completion.

You may think this is hard to do for someone who did not complete the Class IX course, or even intern on the Class V training he did 15 years ago. Or that the lack of FESing, Exams, and even C/Sing would be a drawback for Rathbun. (Seriously, you can’t really count Koon as a C/S, can you?)

Or that using out of date, corroded, R/Sing meters might hamper his ability to get someone through an advanced OT level.

Not so, apparently. It didn’t stop him from auditing one of his supporters who had taken psych drugs, sending another off to audit herself without C/Sing (forget the fact that she has now reverted to drugs and abandoned auditing altogether,) another “PC” now taking drugs, and again another one taking drugs, ditto, and several others who are now involved in strange out-2d situations, etc.

Not exactly the Golden Touch.

But just what you would expect from the guy who invented the “Punch Technique”.