Marty Rathbun: Squirrelly and Squirrellier

“When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted on to squirrel to some degree.” LRH

If you work that backwards, i.e., look at the degree of squirrelling that Marty Ratbun and friends engage in and endorse, you can see that they didn’t get much at all in the way of results from what they thought was standard practice.

That hasn’t stopped them from now further altering what they think is standard practice, and making up new practices of their own.

One favorite target of Marty Rathbun and his squirrel village is the periodic sec check that helps ensure gains are available to those with clean hands. Many of the losers that natter alongside with Marty are those who blew in the face of those sec checks, and now criticize them with a vengeance.

Alongside them, Marty Rathbun will validate any practice as long as it doesn’t require him (or others) to confront their own out-ethics, and overts and actually move toward OT. As far as Rathbun’s concerned, your guru, your psychologist, your arcane ivory tower philosophers all have useful things to consider if you’re interested in debating the meaning of life, which is what Rathbun would rather have you do than actually move toward OT.

Now, he’s hosting debates on whether OT abilities even exist or can be attained. You would expect this from people who never kept their hands clean long enough to get gains from Standard Tech. Another no case gain type – Jeff Hawkins – stirred the discussion by invalidating any reports of OT abilities even being possible by dismissing them as ‘anecdotal’ evidence. He apparently wasted decades in Scientology failing to stay clean enough to get enough gains to give him anything more than a “half-empty glass.”

Again, coffee shop squirrels sitting around discussing and debating significance upon significance rather than having the courage to cross the Bridge to higher levels. That would be no great loss but for their efforts to persuade others that they shouldn’t go up the Bridge either.

In one breath Rathbun vilifies and invalidates the Golden Age of Tech because it has one design and only one: Keeping Scientology Working – getting the correct tech correctly applied.

In the next, Rathbun endorses (and even promotes) the squirreliest of practices, from studying in coffee shops to auditing in hot tubs as long as you don’t get the cans wet, (but it’s ok to “Skype” your worksheets if they do get wet. “Nice one,” Marty says.) Rathbun is happy to be the squirrel switchboard for all those failures who want to think, think, think, instead of just taking the carefully taped path out of the MEST maze they are still stuck in.

And he recommends some reading from psychologists to help his “friends” find out how to find “truth.” Looks like Marty Rathbun never got the memo about “knowing how to know.”

You can see the wheels in the squirrel cage spinning and spinning.

What would LRH say about Marty and his fellow apostates?

“What would happen in a labyrinth if the guide let some girl stop in a pretty canyon and left her there forever to contemplate the rocks? You’d think he was a pretty heartless guide. You’d expect him to say at least, “Miss, those rocks may be pretty, but the road out doesn’t go that way.”

People have following the route mixed up with “the right to have their own ideas.” Anyone is certainly entitled to have opinions and ideas and cognitions – so long as these do not bar the route out for self and others.”

Scientology is a workable system. It white-tapes the road out of the labyrinth. If there were no white tapes marking the right tunnels, Man would just go on wandering around and around the way he has for eons, darting off on wrong roads, going in circles, ending up in the sticky dark, alone.” – LRH

But then you would have to consider that Marty Rathbun and company have any among them who could even be considered guides. They aren’t; they’re just sideshow hawkers trying to get people to look at the pretty rocks instead of the route out.

Rathbun degrades and debases his own future, even as he tries to degrade the futures of others. He figures if he sells enough bottled medicine, people will focus on that rather than get training and processing in Scientology and become OT. He is a criminal and a squirrel. He is a degrader of beings and is a degraded being himself, masquerading behind a low-scale mockery of “theta.”

Marty spent enough time and other people’s resources trying to get to OT and never made it. He was never standard enough to know that one cannot commit overts and in fact crimes and get case gain. You’re just spinning your wheels – kind of like a squirrel in a cage. And you end up after all that time wondering if OT abilities even exist, and try to answer the question by reading books by psychologists.

Spin, spin, spin.

Talk about bottled medicine. Talk about out of valence.

The Rathbuns and their ethics-type friends and squirrels never got close to OT when given the chance, and never will.

Note the tone of Rathbun’s comments and those of most of his friends, and remember what LRH says about it:

“Perverts, suppressives and critical, snide, ruthless, arrogant or contemptuous personalities are always out of valence.” – LRH