Marty Rathbun the Anti-Scientologist

We all know that Marty is an SP, but I do not tire of proving it and showing people why they should not buy into ANY of his lies.

Marty claims to be a Scientologist, and yet he has spent most of the past 2 years attacking Scientology and Scientologists.   It has often been commented, both on this blog on and on other sites, that Marty has NOTHING good to say about any Scientologist, Scientology group or Scientology activity.

This point of Marty having nothing good to say is important, because Marty writes a lot.  And with nothing good to say, what he does is bad-mouth Scientology and Scientologists.  He only allows critical comments to his blogs, and even the “success stories” of his few followers are laced with natter and venom as the only “wins” they have.

While Marty’s nattering is all done under the guise of it somehow being “helpful,” the truth is that it is suppressive.

In 1954 LRH wrote the Code of a Scientologist, and announced it in a lecture given in Phoenix as part of the famous Phoenix Lectures.

So, in addition to an Auditor’s Code, we have the Code of a Scientologist . . . .

One:  Don’t talk about Scientologists to people who are not Scientologists.  Don’t criticize or give or receive criticism about other Scientologists.  In other words, be completely unwilling to listen to entheta about your fellow auditors.  And be completely unwilling to give out entheta about them.

Now, you’d say, that’s the introduction of an arbitrary.  No, it isn’t.  That is merely the unification against one of the primary modus operandi of the society at large in trying to keep an organization from growing.  Do you know what the society at large is brave enough to do, and all it’s brave enough to do?  It’s brave enough to cut affinity lines!  And that’s all it can do.

Auditor’s Code in Practice. Phoenix Lecture # 5 ,13 July 1954

In August 1956 in another lecture called Code of a Scientologist, LRH had this to say.

A body of people fight amongst itself only when the environment is caving it in.

When they are caving in the environment, they stand united.  So the solution to all interrelationships in Scientology do consist of Scientologists operating as a united body to cave in the environment.  And that solves all problems and even obviates a code.  . . .   

But there is the Code of a Scientologist.  It’s been in existence for some time, and I’ll give you a rapid summary of it.

To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclears concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science.

While all real Scientologists are united in their effort to change conditions and deal with the social problems affecting societies around the world, and are winning, a tiny handful of pretend Scientologists are using the Internet in an attempt to stop that forward thrust.

And while they think that they deserve to be heard and that time should be spent listening to their whining about their own overts, the fact is that real Scientologists simply don’t have the time to waste on them.

Just in case anyone missed the point, Marty Rathbun is not a Scientologist.  Nor does he have any respect for LRH or his technology.   If he did he would not daily commit continuous Suppressive Acts.

Marty Rathbun is a Suppressive Person, declared as such because of his stated and demonstrated intentions to harm Scientology and LRH.