Marty Rathbun – The Big Lie

In the past year and a half Marty Rathbun repeatedly proclaimed The Big Lie to his followers. The Big Lie is that they were going to all do Scientology outside the Church. This is despite all the LRH policy that delineates such actions as splintering off from the Church, squirreling, as being a suppressive act.

But after a year and a half the one meager delivery action that I know of that is being done by the Independents is the “auditing” that Rathbun himself does at his shack in Texas.

But is this really auditing? When you take a look at how Marty is butchering the tech, it makes your hair stand on end.

This is a list of some of Marty’s technical high crimes that I have compiled without much work.  If this is what I know just from talking to a few Independents, just imagine what sort squirreling Rathbun is doing that he is successfully hiding.

– Marty Rathbun is known to have told one unbelievably clueless pre-OT, “You don’t need a C/S to audit on OT 7.”  After a short while, auditing under her own C/Sing based on Marty’s advice, this pre-OT spun herself in so much that she decided that she no longer wanted to be a Scientologist at all!

– One PC told us that Marty was auditing with a meter that was not silver certed and was rock slamming!  Apparently Marty has had trouble getting a working silver certed meter. Since the Church is the only place where they can be silver certed, he can’t exactly send his in.  So he has to scrounge around looking for someone who has a meter still in cert or take his chances. (Meter parts are subject to wear and tear and cannot be guaranteed to work correctly after two years of use.)

– Rathbun has mixed “NOTS” procedure with the “OT Drug Rundown” as a “pilot” on one of his subjects.

– Another of Marty’s pre-OTs received auditing from him, split up with her boyfriend, went broke, started getting “auditing” from a Freezone squirrel and has been self-auditing since. (The postings on her blog are getting nuttier and nuttier by the day as she spins herself in. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up in a spin bin!)

– According to another of Rathbun’s PCs who is a trained auditor and knows what she is talking about, what Marty did on her was definitely a squirreled version of the “NOTs” procedure. (Marty has never done the NOTs auditor course and certainly no internship.  LRH says this is a technical High Crime.)

– We have confirmed that Marty audits with no PC folders, no folder study, no FES and no C/S.  He is not an interned auditor.  Because Marty has no PC folders he has to “C/S” (which he is not trained to do) and audit blind on every case and with no folders and no FES.  He C/Ses from the chair at any rate, yet another technical crime.

– Marty Rathbun has no examiner therefore, there’s no one to look at the PC indicators and verify the PC is FN ing at the end of a session of his auditing.  Mosey recently bragged that she had a floating TA.  But, a floating TA as verified by what Examiner?  Marty?  Does Mosey even know that after every session, she is supposed to go to an Examiner, who notes the PC indicators and needle? Mosey is married to a declared SP who is committing repeated technical high crimes and she is being told by Marty, who has no examiner, she has a floating TA.

– We know that Marty never videos his sessions, so how is he ever going to catch his errors?  Even the best auditors and C/Ses still get crammed when they flub. This caught and auditors are improved by videoing. Marty is also not a trained C/S, nor a trained Cramming Officer and has no way to get his tech inspected or corrected.  In short Marty never gets corrected on his flubs.  Not that he cares.

– Marty has out tech regarding the subject of handling overts and withholds. He doesn’t “pull withholds” – which is nice if you are hiding something – however, it pretty much guarantees no case gain amongst his PCs.

– Marty has spread confusion on his blog about what an F/N is and is miscalling them.

– Marty claims to be able to adjudicate whether someone has reached the state of Clear, yet he is not a trained C/S and has never done the CCRD C/S course, nor interned as such.  This is a technical high crime. When a PC asserts they are Clear, the response from Marty is, “Yes. You’re Clear,” based solely on the PC’s assertions only.

– Marty disagrees with LRH on PTS/SP tech.  Marty attacks the Church over the subject of LRH’s tech and policy on “disconnection.”  When he hears of anyone in the Church disconnecting from a suppressive person, Marty claims this is “forced disconnection.”  Maybe this is to hide that Marty has ordered “forced disconnections” of Independents when someone has done something that has pissed him off.

– Marty’s PCs have a track of going out 2D after receiving auditing from him.  One of Marty’s HRD PCs gained the rep as the slut of the Independents – after getting auditing from him.  Another started making the rounds having sex with the female Indies at the first opportunity after leaving the Church. He caused a flap after a very brief affair with another Independent who was very upset and complained to Marty, who only covered it up.

– Last but not least is the prominent UK Independent who had the cognition that her case so well handled that she doesn’t need any more auditing, so she gets “keyed out” from all the drinking and the dope that she smokes in the hash bars of Amsterdam.

Maybe Marty’s second Big Lie that “the Church is dead” is really the state of the Independents!

“Whenever we’re really winning, the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if somebody is a squirrel.  They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning.

“Spectacular success can quadruple the number of complaints.  Tell the complainees: “Come in, get Clear.”  Otherwise skip it.

“To understand a squirrel, consider the reaction of somebody who could not run the fifth leg of Help, “How could another person help another person.”  The thought of this drives some people spinny. That’s a squirrel.  They can’t view other people helping others without going berserk.

“There’s nothing personal in having squirrels.  Even heroes can have lice.”

L. Ron Hubbard – HCO Bulletin of 1 May 1958, SIGNS OF SUCCESS