Marty Rathbun the Clever Squirrel

He's a squirrel. It's official! He put the sign up in front of his house.

I know that I need to explain this heading as some of you may think it strange I say that.  He is after all involved in spreading lies daily, which hardly seems clever, and squirreling sure isn’t clever either.

Here is LRH on C/S Series 22 PSYCHOSIS.

Insanity can now be precisely defined.

The definition is:


Possibly the only frightening thing about it is the cleverness with which it can be hidden.

Whereas a sane person can become angry or upset and a bit destructive for short periods, he or she recovers.  The insane mask it, are misemotional continuously and do not recover. (Except by modern processing).

So how is Marty clever?

He continually misdirects people’s attention away from those things that show his true nature – those things that allow people to see that he is in fact a squirrel and an SP and that his actual intention is to harm and destroy.

That is why we get him blogging irrelevant data about Anonymous; using any excuse possible to attack celebrities; attacking COB for everything that goes wrong in Marty’s little world; trying to embroil his local community in his insanities; pretending he is a Martyr and so on.   He creates these conflicts, debates, and wars as a means of misdirecting attention, and keeping his followers “tilting at windmills”.

Marty Rathbun is a squirrel at heart.  That is his essence, and that is what he does not want people to know.  That is his big, continuous missed withhold. That is what he is trying to hide.  That is what he cannot escape from.  That is what he does not want people inspecting. That is why he misdirects attention onto things that have nothing to do with anything, and why he keeps on dousing his blog with wrong targets and added inapplicable data.

In the Data Series LRH says, “Often added data is put there to cover up neglect of duty or mask a real situation.  It certainly means the person is obscuring something.”

We well know that Marty’s utterances about Church officials are a load of exaggerated lies designed to inflame and disaffect people. It’s a smoke screen that Marty throws up to hide behind.  To prove the point, assume for a minute that everything negative he says about them is in fact true.  Just for a minute, and just as a drill, pretend that it is all true.

Even then, how does Marty explain running NOTS on lower level pcs?  Doing OT 4 using OT 5 techniques? Physically assaulting pcs is session?  Auditing people for 30 sessions in a row and never letting a C/S see the folders? Delivering “Clear” to people with no folder study?  Delivering OT levels to people who aren’t set up? Refusing to pull withholds? The list of his squirrel auditing goes on and on.

As an administrator how does Marty explain the physical assaults on over 40 staff members?  The squirrel ethics interviews?  The injustices of illegally taking people off post?  The off-policy org boards he implemented?  The posts he destroyed? The musical chairs?

You see, Marty cannot escape from the fact that he is a squirrel through and through.  He knows he is a squirrel and he knows that if his public got to actually understand that clearly he would lose any semblance of believability he has with them.

It’s not that he has been out tech once or twice, but that he has been squirreling the tech continually since his RPF in 1993 (when he first studied it) to the present day.  Marty has thoroughly proven that he CANNOT apply standard tech to people.

It is the same with other Scientology technology.  Whether it be Ethics, Tech or Admin, Marty could not apply ANY Scientology without squirreling.

When Marty audits pcs in Casablanca he squirrels on his pcs.  I’m not talking about just the obvious out tech, like no pc folders, no C/S, no folder study, no correction lists, no examiner and the other obvious out-tech.

It’s not even the fact that in session he cannot read a meter and calls F/Ns and reads based on how he feels as opposed to what it actually going on with the pc.  It’s not that he can’t keep a pc clean of ARCXs, PTPs and withholds, because he runs motivators and natter and won’t pull withholds.

It’s not just the fact that Marty feeds cognitions to his pcs, and evaluates for them in session.  It is not just the fact that if a pc should be doing their objectives, Marty will run them on OT levels.  It not just the fact that he uses an inoperative meter.

The fact is Marty’s squirreling includes and exceeds all of that.  Marty compulsively alters Scientology process and runs things of his own invention. If a process says to do A then B then C, Marty can be counted upon to do B then X and then an invented step G.

Marty CANNOT run a single process to its full and proper EP without in some way altering the process or violating the auditor’s code.  He is a genuine squirrel.

A huge indicator of how squirrel he is, is the fact that his closest allies will not be audited by Marty. Mike Rinder will not go in session with him.  Sam knows better than to be audited by him – right after the last time he had her on a meter she reverted to drugs.   Why has Mosey not gone any further since the bizarre announcement a year or so ago that she had done her Grade 4 and gone Clear?  Matt and Amy won’t go near him if he is holding a meter.  Jason Beghe would rather smoke dope than try having a cognition at Marty’s hands.  Steve Hall and Haydn James got some auditing from him and won’t go near him again.  Why?

They know why.  We know why.  Marty knows why.  It is because he is a squirrel and he is dangerous.

This is a fact and not an opinion.  Marty s not a squirrel because I say he is a squirrel.  Marty is a squirrel because he alters and misapplies the tech EVERY TIME he takes anyone in session.

Marty’s business plan is to fund his longer term strategy of extorting money from the Church by auditing dupes who have fallen for his lies. But even those dupes don’t want to end up like Jason Beghe or worse.

Now you know why Marty creates all manner of turmoil and noise, and tries to embroil everyone in conflicts.  Don’t be fooled.

Look closely at the man and his products and ask why he alters the tech and why he squirrels.  And if you are ever with him, test him.  Ask him what LRH would say about auditing an objectives pc on NOTS, or any other squirrel things you have seen him do (what would LRH say about FNs?  What would he say about not using a CS? Etc)  Be alert for glib answers and you will discover for yourself the full truth about Marty Rathbun and his actual intentions – to harm and to destroy.