Marty Rathbun, the David Irving of the Squirrels

If you have ever read anything by David Irving, the infamous historical revisionist and Holocaust denier, you’ll understand why Marty Rathbun, an admitted liar and perjurer, has been dubbed the David Irving of the squirrels.

Rathbun well knows that it is difficult if not impossible for anyone who was not present during past events in the Church of which he speaks to know the degree to which he is distorting and lying in order to forward his propaganda objectives. His revisionist statements are a mirror image, on a lesser scale, of the operation that David Irving runs with regard to the Jews.  Rathbun’s op basis is essentially the same, but instead of venting toward the Jews, he vents toward Scientologists in good standing with the Church.

Rathbun’s latest paranoid rant showed up on his blog, sounding more like a prophesy from the Delphic Oracle, in which he proclaimed mystically that as long as he lives he wins.

Anyone familiar with SP tech recognizes this as an SP admitting that as long as he’s “safe” he wins, regardless of the destruction of others he must commit in order to do so.

This “battle” in which he is stuck is a phantom of his own creation. While all of Scientology is playing the game of “Clear the planet,” Marty is playing a degraded game of “defame the Church so I can pull people off the Bridge and pick up a few of their PCs.”  He can’t even go out and create his own. Let’s take stock of what’s really happening.

Marty Rathbun attempted to start his squirrel group in about February of 2009.  Since then he has aligned himself a with bizarre assortment of declared SPs, apostates, perverts, squirrels, drug users, outright Scientology-haters who want to destroy the religion, human rights violators (Ursula Caberta), paid attackers (Mike Rinder, Mark Bunker), an editor of a publication that makes its income through prostitution ads that facilitate sex trafficking and child prostitution and other human rights violations.

Marty admitted to obstructing justice and conspiring to commit perjury in the national press. Conveniently, he waited until the statute of limitations expired before making the admissions.

Marty admitted to having battered other Scientologists.

Marty has been twice arrested for violent outbursts. Stay tuned for more.

Marty twice failed in lawsuits he was supporting (both having been dismissed). Now Marty’s resorted to consulting a failed gold digging lawyer and self-admitted psychotic as his legal go-to genius in his efforts to score some kind of big payday. Yes, the same Graham Berry who declared bankruptcy to avoid paying court sanctions assessed against him for being a “vexatious litigant” in his squirrely (and repeatedly failed) efforts against Scientology. And who was suspended from the Bar for the same reason.

Marty’s biggest failure was trying to start a government investigation after Mike Rinder and he provided their best embellishments and lies. The government and law enforcement didn’t fall for the lies, but the above-mentioned apostates and Scientology-haters still fall for them hook, line, and sinker.

And despite all of his lip service about spreading Scientology outside the Church, Marty has gotten a total of ZERO people into Scientology in all this time.

He’s had people he has “audited” fall off the Bridge and leave Scientology completely, which is only surprising because those people thought in the first place what Marty was delivering to them bore some relation to real Scientology.

The best he and Rinder can do after almost three years is complain and whine on his blog and get a morally corrupt person like Tony Ortega, whose media organization is becoming known throughout the United States as fostering child prostitution and human trafficking and surviving financially off its online prostitution ads.

Rathbun wallows amidst his little support group in re-hashing long discredited natter-points, much like those he stoked when he had the attention of a larger press pool that now avoids him like a leper. These lies and idle criticisms didn’t go anywhere the first half-dozen times he spouted them, but Marty re-writes them with freshly inserted paranoia and generalities guaranteed to give his handful of cult followers something to natter about for the day.

On the other hand, just off the top of my head I can rattle off a whole list of constructive things that real Scientologists have been doing during this time such as:

Opening new Ideal Orgs in:


Saint Paul









and many more

Setting up the Bridge Publications digital publishing house and rolling out superb products in high volume.

Setting up the Scientology International Printing and Distribution center, producing a record-high volume of quality products (while Marty stands dumbly by and asks “what is this place?”)

Distributing over 80 million copies of The Way to Happiness internationally, while Rathbun only “distributes” one book, and that by way of throwing it in his garbage.

(On the plus side, the garbage collector – unknown to Marty – retrieved the book, read it and had a win.)

I could go on and on, but the point is clear. While most of us are working shoulder-to-shoulder to help people find out about Scientology and use it to improve their lives, Rathbun remains stuck in his phony-victim rants that grow more paranoid every day, as he sees all his “work” going to nothing, and deservedly so.